Singer/Songwriter Judy Paster Inspires Listeners To Do The Next Right Thing With Powerful New Single, “Chop Wood Carry Water”

Exclusive Premiere On Amplify Music & New Music Features On Radio SoBro's NuMu Friday & WMOT Roots Radio's The Local Brew Hour With Ana Lee

Photo: Alex Mehner, Cover Art: Christian Renaud/Judy Paster

(Nashville, TN. – November 14, 2022) – Singer/Songwriter Judy Paster is excited to announce the release of her stunning new single, “Chop Wood Carry Water,” in collaboration with Symphonic Distribution. The song exclusively premiered on Amplify Music on Thursday, Nov. 10th, and it was also featured on Radio SoBro’s NuMu Friday and WMOT Roots Radio’s The Local Brew Hour with Ana Lee upon its Friday release. The catchy, feel-good track is refreshingly simple, yet boasts a healthy dose of rootsy swagger. Its powerful production includes a kickin’ mandolin, swanky guitars, and melodic bouzouki by acclaimed music Hall of Famer Joe Spivey (The Time Jumpers). Add upbeat banjo, snappy percussion, and a soul-stirring dobro to lead the listener from life’s heartbreak, into gratitude and peace by first choosing to chop wood and carry water. Listen HERE.

“Chop Wood Carry Water” is about doing the next right thing and being in the moment while you’re doing it. These are two skills that you must be present for, to perform well. If you do, then a flurry of positive outcomes may follow, such as wood for a fire to eat, to keep warm, or build a home; and water to nourish and hydrate you and your environment.

“Chop Wood Carry Water” perfectly blends the musical genres of country, Americana, bluegrass, and folk, and was co-written with Nashville Americana artist Boo Ray. It was co-produced by Joe Spivey, of the Grammy award-winning band ‘The Time Jumpers,’ along with multi-award-winning songwriter/producer Shawn Byrne. Crafted from real-life experience and raw emotion, “Chop Wood Carry Water” boasts Paster’s uniquely transparent vocals and enchanting harmonies.

Photo: Alex Mehner, Design: Christian Renaud/Judy Paster

“I loved collaborating with Boo on this song,” Added Paster. “He is a true-blue Americana artist covered in tattoos and overflowing with inspired ideas. I’m a blend of multiple genres as well with strong singer/songwriter ties, an inspired faith, and pure rock ‘n’ roll roots. My husband who is ten years in recovery has continually spoken the words to me “do the next right thing” as a solution to nearly every question or conflict.”

“Judy’s strong and clear delivery of such a simple yet profound song demonstrates her ability to get to the heart of the matter using her voice to touch the human heart and spirit,” commented Shawn Byrne. Joe Spivey adds, “I love where Judy takes this song and where it takes the listener.”

“Chop Wood Carry Water” has a universal message that can speak to hearts everywhere. Paster continued, “It will take listeners on a musical journey with a sad and difficult beginning but during the song, convey the powerful message – that if you stay in the moment and set your heart and mind on what’s right before you,  you will get past the hardest and lowest points of life and find hope. It’s about the vulnerability of life (“without fear we’re naked in the moonlight”) and finding strength and peace within that vulnerability (“a brand new chance is coming with the sunrise, so chop wood carry water, we’ll be alright.”).

“Lost and lonely on a dark and stormy night,   
Just down the road aways 
from painful days gone by  
Even though my hearts healed up
a scar there still remains
What if all the love in life is just a list of names?

Like a sailor crossing out an old tattoo 
He just put a line through Sara Jane, 
moves onto Betty Sue
Time goes on memories fade away
Baby please hold on to the love I gave

Without a fear we’re naked in the moonlight
Chop wood and carry water we’ll be alright
A brand new chance is coming with the sunrise
Chop wood carry water it’s a good life

You met me where no one else would meet me 
Baby there’s just no one else that it could be 
So I’m not planning on another tattoo 
Your names one that I won’t put a line through
Time goes on memories fade away
Baby please hold on to the love I gave

We’ll ride into the sunset let’s just fade away
We’ll Let our love take us to another place…”

Paster is currently in the studio finishing up her new album scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023. To keep up with the latest news on Judy Paster including new music and tour dates, visit her WebsiteInstagramFacebook, TwitterSpotify, and YouTube.