Southern Halo’s Latest Lyric Video, “Missing Mississippi,” Charts An Emotional Map

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Nashville, TN (November 8, 2019) – Southern Halo’s latest lyric video, “Missing Mississippi,” marks home and family on an emotional map as it reflects on the Morris sisters’ connection to the state of their birth. The creative clip is filled with a montage of personal photographs that range from toddler to teen interspersed with high-energy stage snaps, text message screenshots and images of keepsakes and mementos of their travels. The often moving visuals offer a refreshing and surprisingly deep dive into the “sister soul” togetherness and Southern grace that are central to Natalia (principal songwriter, guitarist, lead vocalist), Christina (drums) and Hannah (bass), and solidify the sense of “family” and “home.”

The song details the first night Natalia spent alone in the siblings’ Nashville condo. The lyric video, created by DiamondBack Productions, premiered on The Boot today.

First night alone on an empty floor
Makes me realize I’m not little anymore
I’m just a small town girl moving to the city
Where these dreams of mine can become a reality

I guess you’ll never know until ya try
But it’s just so hard for me to say good bye

I’m still missing Mississippi
I’m still wishing you were with me
This is a brand new life and a brand new journey
And I’ve never felt so wild and free
But no matter where I go or where life takes me
I’ll always be missing Mississippi (Natalia Morris, Jennifer Adan)

Natalia recalls, “I started writing this one the very first night I spent alone in Nashville. I was so homesick; all I had was an air mattress and my acoustic guitar and my emotions just came pouring out. A few days later, Jennifer Adan (Blake Shelton, New Medicine) helped me finish the song. I still cry every time I hear it.”

The song, from Southern Halo’s 2018 album, JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES, is a fan favorite at shows, and releasing the lyric video is a way for the group to acknowledge the support Halo-ites have given the tune. “It was never a single,” explains Natalia. “But I think so many people relate to it because it reminds them of their first experiences growing up – and how they allowed themselves to grow out into the world. We all leave our comfort zone at some point. Doing that with a full heart and a true sense of self make it a little easier.” Fans can stream or download “Missing Mississippi” HERE.

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