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Stephanie Hatzinikolis Releases New Single “So High”

June 10, 2022  Indie singer-songwriter Stephanie Hatzinikolis is thrilled to release her new single “So High” that is out now.
Stephanie says, “‘So High’ was written to dance to and to feel good about the days ahead. It’s an adventurous and free-spirited celebration of life after enduring difficult times. Ultimately, it’ll make you want to release stress, cut loose, and enjoy the party.”

Stephanie Hatzinikolis is an artist and songwriter with a focus on creating personal, yet catchy and mesmerizing indie pop rock. With a new EP set to be released in late 2022, her second single, “So High,” is a free-spirited celebration of life as well as an invitation to release the stress brought on by a chaotic world. Stephanie’s sound combines diverse influences ranging from artists such as Elliott Smith and Broken Bells, to Sufjan Stevens and Aimee Mann. “So High” was written to dance to. This song has an adventurous energy and an earthy backdrop; painting the image of cutting loose and enjoying the party.

Hatzinikolis has a gift in her ability to transmute pain and suffering into love and beauty. She takes the difficult-to-process moments in life and crafts them carefully into something relatable and familiar through a stunning and immersive listening experience. Stephanie’s music has helped her overcome her own depression, trauma, and anxiety throughout the years and she hopes to help others to feel understood, loved, and more optimistic towards themselves and their lives. At the end of the day, Stephanie’s sound feels like a great combination of a wide range of creative influences and a visionary approach to music production and composition, highlighting the artist’s unique talent and personality when it comes to great soundscapes. Stephanie is definitely up to something special, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from her. Learn more about Stephanie Hatzinikolis and do not miss out on her music, which is currently available on all major digital music streaming services.

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