Thayer Sarrano Releases New Track “The Eternal”


“She’s most assuredly creating the soundtrack to whatever becomes the next The Craft or Natural Born Killers — a little bit industrial grime, a little bit shoegaze, a little bit dark. I’ve always been a sucker for those Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star and Karen Elson vocals.” – Refinery29

“Like shoegazing with a twang, but there’s a maximalist epic thing going on, too. It’s rare that a singer is able to balance synthesizers with a slow, Southern vocal palette, and it’s almost like inventing a new language of song. Well, here it is, and it’s gorgeous!” – FlyPaper


“… tour de force of Gothic Americana…We love it.” – Big Takeover

“The New Queen of Shoegaze” – Americana UK

Releases “The Eternal” 

New Album Wings Alleluia 
Out March 29

Available for Interviews at SXSW

Athens, GA-based THAYER SARRANO has released the second track off of Wings Alleluia which is set for release on March 29, 2019 via The Guildwater Group. The second single “The Eternal” is available today and can be found HERE.

Written in the aftermath of a close friend’s passing “The Eternal” dives right into a steady backbeat groove while her vocals soar above in almost a trance like meditation. Thayer explains that the track is about “how we are all eternal beings, so we don’t die.” She proceeds to say, “It was healing to me to think about time not being linear and the idea that music, you know is this transcendent thing beyond the body that makes it. We are made of light and our work stays in the light because it is of it even when our body goes out. Singing to those gone to soon, but the song is about life.” It’s yet another track that shows that the album exists on an almost mystical level, a mindset of which she subscribes to.

The follow-up to 2015’s Shaky, Wings Alleluia displays the layered tapestry she musically weaves that Huffington Post called “a Southern-psych dreamland, bottling up ghosts and bringing them to life through her ethereal hymns.”

THAYER SARRANO “The Eternal” Embed:  <iframe src=”” width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” allow=”encrypted-media”></iframe>

Since 2009, she has released three LPs and toured heavily, headlining tours in the US and Europe, as well as supporting Drive-By TruckersTelevisionRobyn HitchcockCamper Van BeethovenCrackerNicole AtkinsThe Whigs, she has also been a featured guest vocalist at a Big Star’s Third show in Athens amongst other things. In the studio, she has shared songwriter in the rounds with Patterson Hood (DBTs), Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Dave Marr (Star-Room Boys) and others. Her songs have been featured on network television, in the Netherlands’ Groninger Museum, and she won the Flagpole Music Award for Music Video of the Year (2016) for “Shaky.” Last October, she released a 7 inch with a book of drawings for the stand alone track, “I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty,” with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will” as its b-side, featuring producer and artist Andy Lemaster.

Her new LP will be released on March 29, 2019 and features the Athens Cowboy ChoirT. Hardy MorrisJustin CollinsParker GispertBilly Bennet, and more on backing vocals. 

Wings Alleluia 
Track listing

  1. O My Soul
  2. Grace Goes On
  3. The Eternal
  4. These Arms
  5. Red Sun
  6. Black to the Home
  7. Totem
  8. White Shores
  9. Wings Alleluia
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