TuneCore follows up its groundbreaking study, BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equality in the Music Industry, now in its third year, with this important partnership The INPINK talent hub provides a centralized resource for the music industry to hire gender expansive and representative talent across all disciplines

Photo by So Finch Photography

New York, NY: April 12, 2023 TuneCore, the leading independent development partner for self-releasing artists—owned by Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies—has announced a new partnership with Gritty In Pink, a new organization working to empower and support women in the music industry. Gritty In Pink recently launched the INPINK marketplace, a centralized, online resource to help music industry entities find and hire talented women and gender-expansive individuals across all industry disciplines. INPINK helps reduce gatekeeping and democratize access to the music industry by providing a pool of diverse female talent for music professionals looking to hire women.

Earlier this month, TuneCore and Believe worked with leading research firm Luminate to release the study, BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equality in the Music Industry to examine the causes and effects of how and why women and gender-expansive creators and executives are challenged in the music industry. The study reveals the current inequities as well as offers solutions to creating more balance.

Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore, commented, “TuneCore has presented the BE THE CHANGE study, now in its third year, to help define the reasons behind gender discrimination and propose solutions to create a more equitable music industry for the future. Each study has consistently shown that music industry professionals have trouble hiring women and other underrepresented groups due to difficulty finding qualified candidates in a largely male-dominated hiring pool. Gritty In Pink’s INPINK marketplace provides a direct solution to create gender equal stages and workplaces, so that our industry can be truly fair, representative, and inclusive.”

Gritty In Pink founder/CEO Shira Yevin said, “Our team is thrilled to partner with TuneCore – our missions are so aligned. The BE THE CHANGE study underscores the need to change the game for women in music. We are so grateful to TuneCore, along with Live Nation Women, for backing INPINK as a solution to achieve gender equity in the music industry – and beyond!”

Melissa Etheridge, Strategic Advisor for Gritty in Pink commented, “Gritty In Pink continues to do trailblazing work for women in the music industry and this partnership with TuneCore is perfect to amplify the BE THE CHANGE study for gender equality in music. Together we can learn, educate, and evolve the industry into a more inclusive environment for gender minorities. Let’s get Gritty, and be the change we wish to see!”

As a part of the partnership, INPINK will be offering exclusive discounts to TuneCore artists as well as featured listing opportunities to help boost the profile of self-releasing creators in the industry.