V Blackburn Releases New Single “Kim Kardashian”

Forthcoming EP Public Figure To Be Released June 28th

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“With a vocal texture that slices deep, she slithers over vibrating electric guitars like a true rock goddess before breaking the surface with a deliciously-silky R&B melody… She’s a force and won’t be ignored.” – B-Sides and Badlands

“…a talented lyricist with the catchy hooks of pop music combined with blues-rock guitar vibes.” – Nashville Noise

Today, pop siren V Blackburn has released a magnetic new single entitled “Kim Kardashian” – LISTEN HERE. Premiering earlier this week via B-Sides and Badlands, the track sizzles with sultry lyrics that are accentuated by V’s irresistible vocals and the bluesy wails of an electric guitar that demand to be listened to at full blast. “Kim Kardashian” is the third single released from the songstress’ forthcoming EP Public Figure, out June 28, 2019.

Comprised of five vibrant tracksPublic Figure is (surprisingly) the artistic culmination of a severe case of writer’s block. Challenged by some friends to use celebrities as a writing prompt, V found that the constraints actually inspired creativity. What is more surprising is that by using the lens of these public figures, she was actually able to find a space for introspection and self-discovery. To further this sense of expression, Blackburn hand-designed the artwork for each single, creating collages decorated with images that depict her personal connection to each song.

This announcement follows the release of “Jon Hamm” and “A$AP Rocky.” Blackburn will continue to slowly uncover each celebrity-inspired track until June 28, when Public Figure is available everywhere. For more information and future announcements, please visit: www.vblackburnmusic.com

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