Video Premiere: FerrariLover Official Video for “Endless Seconds”

FerrariLover - Photo by Lorenzo Savignano

Ambient guitarist FerrariLover, aka Nico Wyland, premieres “Endless Seconds” on Guitar Girl Magazine. The song is the third single from her forthcoming album, Exotic Legend, slated to drop August 23.

Explaining the song’s numinous quality, Wyland says, “This one has a particularly symphonic quality because of all the parts involved. It was comprised of five compositions and as I was weaving them together, it took me over into this world…The world of FerrariLover where a singular experience of beauty can be like its own kind of mystical eternity.”

From San Diego, Wyland has traveled around the globe, immersing herself in French, Italian, and Eastern cultures. The result is music dipped in “savoir-faire,” rife with balanced grace and delicate sonic pressure.


While growing up, she would put on her headphones and melt into the MTV of the ‘80s, followed by making sophisticated mixtapes, amalgamating various genres of music. This led to DJing and, later, she sold her turntables to purchase her first guitar. Spellbound by the flexibility of the guitar, along with the delicious sounds available with effect pedals, FerrariLover’s music dispenses lush wistful flavors bedizened with ethereal washes, as well as surprising moments of intense beauty.

“Endless Seconds” opens on suffusions of dreamy spectral colors, radiant with gentle tenderness, drifting and undulating on expansive textures, like the hovering corpse of a cloud. Tiny hooks of softly gleaming tones send scrumptious sensations rippling through listeners’ diaphragms, as sonic butterfly effects pervade the tune with surreal fractal savors of ghostly essence.

The video, directed by FerrariLover’s friend Tai Howard, was shot on a dry lake bed outside Las Vegas, infusing the visuals with lenses of quince-colored light coalescing and vanishing like wraithlike mirages.

Marvelously wrought, “Endless Seconds” delivers gorgeous dreamy rumors of colors like something at once noun and verb – a mystery buried within creamy gossamer tones of exquisite allure.

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