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Whitehorse Announce new album ‘Modern Love’ set to drop March 19

Introducing Modern Love, the latest edition from dual-booted songwriting CPU Whitehorse. Designed for life at 25,000 frames per second, Modern Love offers premium processing and emotion-capture capabilities. Optimized for low-light conditions, Modern Love‘s intuitive UX creates a fully immersive experience of interpersonal harmonics in ultra-rich waveshape sonics. Each Modern Love OS comes complete with an experiential FAQ database, ex.: Do you smell trouble? Do you want some? 
With life’s burst bubbles and crossed wires detailed in hi-def, Modern Love launches with “Prototype,” an atmospheric tribute to DNA one-of-a-kindness, strung with Lonely Hearts Club swells. Coded with themes of human glitches and emotional reboots, the beach tones of “Relic in the New Age” and ballad-type “Radio Silence,” interface between machine-enabled and machine-resistant human relationships. Modern Love is Whitehorse’s blueprint for love in the Digital Age.

“I Wanna Make Promises (That I Can’t Keep”), a loping, laidback fantasy 404, buzzes with electrostatic escapism for jolted, jilted ideas. “Promises” exposes all of the micro aches and urges that usually go unseen. Rare duet “Best Bet,” and all songs after that, further expose the collections’ emotional motherboard, a nest of circuitry carrying the curses and cruxes that muddle our signals to one another. Album closer “Pollyanna,” channels Greek mythology to modulate a chorus of unheeded disaster warnings.

Assembled at Taurus Recordings, a professional facility in Toronto, ON, Modern Love was hardwired by Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, with additional component parts by Thom D’Arcy (string arrangements), Fred Eltringham (drums), Gus Van Go (bass on “Promises”), Robin Hatch (wurlitzer, mellotron) and Drew Jurecka (string performances).

With Modern Love, Whitehorse continues to tell their love story, if not the one they expected. Modern Love will be available on Friday, March 19.


1. Prototype
2. I Wanna Make Promises (That I Can’t Keep)
3. Relic in the New Age
4. Radio Silence
5. Middle Earth
6. Liar Liar
7. Best Bet
8. Interlude
9. Run Run Run
10. I Can Only Imagine
11. Polyanna
12. Outro

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