NAMM 2019: Taurus Stomp-Head 1.VT (Vintage)

New model of compact guitar amplifier.


Compact Guitar Amplifier in stompbox shape – designed to install in pedalboard.

The Stomp-Head 1.VT is the newest, the youngest and the smallest member of Taurus’s floor amplifier family. Its premier will happen at this year’s NAMM show in California. It is an amplifier with extremely small dimensions, technologically based on the Master Tube Design. The amp is dedicated mainly to fans of “vintage” sound.

The Stomp-Head 1.VT features a classic, three point EQ ( BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE), PRESENCE, GAIN, BOOST and VOLUME. The amplifier is characterized by very smooth, warm sound with soft compression and long sustain.


The Stomp-Head can also be used as a guitar preamp. LINE OUT with a Speaker Cabinet Simulation permits the player to connect independently the preamps to a mixer or an external power amp. The Speaker Cabinet Simulation imitates the sound of the CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinet. The amp is also equipped with a serial EFFECT LOOP.

To obtain required parameters, the amplifier is driven by a much higher rated power amp. Even though the power of the amplifier is set at 40Watts RMS, in reality the real power of the amp is 90 Watts.

The SH 1.VT is also equipped with a power selector allowing the player to use the amp in two different power ratings of 40 and 20 Watts RMS. It is also designed to auto adjust itself to different speaker impedance. The amp handles the speakers with 4, 8, and 16 Ohm of impedance.

What are the benefits having this amplifier in your pedalboard?

• Eliminates the need of large amounts of long and heavy cable runs to connect effect loops or amplifier switchers. Our entire amplifier weighs less and takes much less space then a bundle of wires required to serve the traditional amplifier set on speaker cabinet or rack mounted. As a result, when you eliminate all external wiring of the amp controller and FX Loop, your whole guitar sound system is extremely compact and much lighter.

• There is no need for additional foot-switches to control the Stomp-Head’s functions, because they are all integrated into our compact amplifier. However if needed our amp is also equipped in option of controlling all its features via an external controller.• Connections between the amplifier and the effects are easy to make and shorter than old style conventional set-ups.

• Connections between the amplifier and the effects are easy to make and shorter than old style conventional set-ups.

• Reduces problems related to loss of the signal quality due to long cables runs between the amplifier and effects.

• Set up is extremely easy and takes just seconds. All you need to do is connect the speaker cabinet, plug the power cable into the pedalboard, and hook up your guitar. Three external wires – that’s all.

• Much less humming and interference noises due to very short connections.

• All the controllers to adjust the sound are set in one place, on your pedalboard.

• The sound of your guitar can be precisely set at the exact spot on stage where you play.

• Stomp-Head 1.VT offers a whole range of on-board sounds as a CLEAN, CRUNCH, DRIVE and BOOST function. This eliminates the need for these extra effects on your pedalboard, and creates more space for your other stompboxes.



More info:


• Power output: 40Watt / 4-8-16ohm
• Power brake to 20Watt
• Power stage efficiency: 90Watt
• Auto detection speakers impedance
• Tubes: 12AX7
• 1 channel
• Controls:
• Serial effect loop
• LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulationThe ability to send the linear signal with or without simulation or
both at the same time LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulation
• The ability to send the linear signal with or without simulation or both at the same time
• Universal AC input range 90-260V/AC 50-60Hz
• Dimensions: [H x W x D] 90 x 160 x 190 mm
• Weight: 1,3kg

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