Social Media Attention during Quarantine


While the world has been dealing with a pandemic, stay-at-home orders were issued, individuals and families were self-isolating, and death and despair have surrounded us. Individuals are seeking an outlet to escape their worries and turning to social media has provided them with a connection to their family, friends, co-workers, and even their favorite celebrities.

SEMrush is a data trends provider who filled us in on which celebrities have garnered the most attention on social media while in quarantine, with some of the more controversial posts topping the list.

  • The winner is Kylie Jenner’s no makeup quarantine paparazzi pic which had 450,000 Google searches.
  • Elon Musk with his tweet stating that ‘coronavirus panic is dumb’ brought a huge controversy and resulted in over 300,000 Google searches in March, 1.7M likes and 350K retweets.
  • Madonna’s video of herself taking a bath and reflecting on COVID-19 being a ‘great equalizer’ got 110K searches.
  • David Geffen displaying his ‘quarantine yacht’ got him 90K searches.
  • Samuel L. Jackson’s Stay the F**k at Home‘ poem was searched 40.5K times in April (the video now has over 3,000,000 YouTube views).
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twitter videos quarantining in his Jacuzzi and feeding llamas in his kitchen got 12,100 searches in March, tweets getting over 500,000 likes altogether.

Other quarantine media heroes were Seth Rogen live-tweeting Cats musical in March (5,400 searches and 327,243 Twitter likes), Chrissy Teigen and her skeptical tweet on the testing procedures (212,821 Twitter likes), Tom Hanks with his Instagram posts on testing positive for COVID-19 (over 6,000,000 likes and about 300,000 comments altogether), and Gal Gadot with a cover of ‘Imagine’ (9,802,253 Instagram views)


Who garnered your attention?

GGM Staff


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