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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 18 Winter 2021 – Women in the Music Industry

Players, like you, put all they have into their music. Starting with their rig. It’s no surprise then that many choose Elixir® Strings for the same reasons they choose any other premium gear. 

Tone. Performance. Dependability.


Manufacturing premium guitar strings is a commitment we take quite seriously. You don’t compromise as a musician, and we don’t either. Our strings not only provide great tone, but also tone that lasts and lasts. 

Hear why other players insist on having Elixir Strings as part of their rig: 

Our products designed to meet the players’ needs

Elixir Strings manufactures a full range of gauges in a variety of metals and coatings for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, banjo, and mandolin. All our coatings provide the same level of protection against corrosion and the element. They differ only in the tone and feel they deliver. Check out our products:

Photo by Josh Dolgin

“Having tried many other brands, I haven’t found another one that gives me the durability, tone, and feel that Elixirs do. After many years of using them, I couldn’t be more satisfied.”– Sus Vasquez

Photo by Jorge Eduardo Pineda

“As a musician, you help people to see life full of colors, even on tough times like this. You’re not alone and things are always better with the power of music.” – Jimena Fosado


Photo by Andrew Bisdale

“Elixir Strings are very responsive, and they stay fresh for a long time.” – Abigail Zachko

Photo by Roy Cox

“I love playing Elixir Strings because the feel is completely unmatched, and the tone is impeccable! I couldn’t ask for a better experience with strings!” – Tiffany Lloyd

Photo by Austin Roa

“I love using Elixir Strings on my acoustic. They’re comfortable, long-lasting, and sound great on my Taylor!” – Jade Bird

Townsend photo provided by Elixir with permission to use.

“I LOVE my Elixir Strings! I recently made the switch, and I will not be going back. They sound so bright and full, whether playing live or recording!” – Townsend

Goto’s photo provided by Elixir with permission to use.

“I’ve been using Elixir since I started playing guitar.  I love how fresh and full they sound.  They’re the only strings I’ve found that consistently sound good on each of my guitars. They really are the best!” Mira Goto

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