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Tapestry Audio Unveils World’s First BPM Synchronization Pedal With Presets: “The Time Traveler”

PRESS RELEASE:  With giants in the industry creating variation after variation of the same effects pedals, Tapestry Audio’s revolutionary product The Time Traveler is soon to become a standard in every guitarist pedal chain.

Designed, engineered, and constructed by musicians, The Time Traveler is the world’s first auxiliary BPM synchronization pedal that unifies a guitarist’s pedal board by sending preprogrammed BPM presets to any pedal with an external tap tempo jack.  With it’s simple design and functionality it disappears into the background- the model of addition by subtraction.

The Time Traveler highlights include:

Up to 10 programmable presets
Dial” or “Tap” tempos into presets
Sync delay, tremolo, slicer and any other pedals with external foot switch capability
Hand machined and wired construction
Compatible with brand and boutique pedals  Intuitive interface for easy real time adjustments
Standard DC input

The Time Traveler carries a suggested retail price of $199.00 and can be purchased from Tapestry Audio’s online store at

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