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Your Fender Dream Guitar is Waiting for You!

Guitars are like people. Each has its own unique personality and traits and some you just absolutely love unconditionally. Some Fenders truly do have their own personality like George Harrison’s “Rocky,” Roy Buchanan’s ’53 Telecaster and, of course, Eric Clapton’s “Blackie,” as well as many others.  

Who wouldn’t want to be a rock star with your own signature guitar? Growing up I played a lot of sports as I was good at them because of my advanced coordination and timing, but when grown-ups asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I’d say, “Be a rock star!” I’d get a chuckle and a pat on the head with a comment like, ‘That’s nice.” So I stopped saying it, but my true answer never changed. Anytime I was in a music store, there were so many guitars that I craved.

Guitars are like people

So when Fender came out with the American Design Experience, it was like they came to me and said, “What’s your dream Fender guitar? OK, great! We’ll get working on it and you’ll have it delivered to your door within 90 days.” What? I must be dreaming. Could you say that again? Unbelievable! This was too good to be true. This is like…beyond totally awesome (plus ten)!

It’s true. Fender’s new online American Design Experience allows you to custom design your own Stratocaster, Telecaster, P Bass or Jazz bass, order it, and have it delivered to your home within 90 days! You can basically have your very own signature model guitar with the level of customization to make it truly unique.

Who wouldn’t want to be a rock star with your own signature guitar?

With the plethora of possibilities available through the Fender American Design Experience, you’ll find that you come up with many dream Fender guitars and basses. I now have the page bookmarked and I’ve come up with new designs in my sleep, while doing everyday tasks (e.g., brushing my teeth, taking out the trash, driving …and definitely in boring meetings). Also, when I’m playing guitar I think how one of my new designs can help me become a better player and inspire new techniques. You can save your designs, share them with others, and make changes til your heart’s content.

I could go on and on about the American Design Experience but Fender CEO, Larry Thomas, sums it up best…

Your Fender Dream Guitar is waiting for you

The American Design Experience at the Fender Visitor Center in Corona, Calif., was recently launched to give Fender enthusiasts the ability to become directly connected to the creation of the guitar of their dreams. Any guitarist now has the ability to hand select exotic or standard-shaped necks, combine them with unique or standard-painted bodies, and the pickguard and pickup configuration they most desire. By choosing among the components of high-quality U.S. production-made Fender instruments before they are assembled, customers can create the specific look, feel and weight of their dream guitar.

Once selected, piece by piece, the guitar is then assembled, set-up and inspected by the team at the Fender factory in Corona and shipped to the customer’s home. As many of the painted bodies or selected necks are entirely unique, the customer truly has a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot happen anywhere else on earth.

Neck sizes vary in thickness and shape, and include many options from the vast assortment of Fender models. A selection of pickups and pickguards is made from assembled parts also freshly produced from the factory floor. Prices for completed guitars range from around $1,600 for a standard model up to around $2,400, depending on specific materials and options selected. Neck plates are then engraved as “American Designed” and are personalized for the customer, including the guitar’s specific “birth” date.

“It’s like going to an automobile factory and designing your own car,” Thomas concludes. “It caps the amazing experience of being directly connected to Fender’s legendary factory.”

American Design instruments are only available at the Fender factory in Corona, Calif. Although dealers are invited to bring their customers, the products conceived and designed there are not available at stores or anywhere online. Once you have enjoyed Fender’s American Design Experience for yourself, offer your feedback on the process here on the Fender community forums at, as we have many other ideas for this innovative program and we want to know what you think.

Samplings of the guitars I designed with the links to Fender’s website:

Also, here are the links to the guitars I created (fun!).

Fender Custom designed Jazz Bass

Fender custom designed vintage precision bass

Fender custom designed stratocaster

Fender custom designed telecaster

Your dream Fender Guitar is waiting…


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