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Zivix Launches the jamstik+ SmartGuitar on Kickstarter

Learn to play with the SmartGuitar featuring Bluetooth Smart technology for ease of use and increased versatility when playing through your favorite Apple device

Zivix, the technology company striving to make music accessible to everyone, today launched the jamstik+ SmartGuitar on Kickstarter. Zivix understands that playing guitar is a rewarding life experience, and strives to empower people to do more than just listen. More than just an instrument, the jamstik+ represents a movement to empower people to make their dreams of playing guitar a reality. For so many, there were often barriers to learning including carving out time to practice, finding the right instrument and even finding the right instructor. The jamstik+ smashes through those barriers connecting to your favorite Apple® device, and being compact enough to travel anywhere. 

“Most of us grew up idolizing an older sibling, a rock star musician, or even a YouTube sensation and the jamstik+ is here to make those dreams a reality, said Dan Sullivan, president, Zivix. “The jamstik+ represents our commitment to the movement of getting more people involved in music.”

The jamstik+ utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology which is compliant with Apple’s new MIDI standard for seamless connectivity, enabling users to enjoy a streamlined connectivity process, increased reliability and a more robust performance when playing. One of the many benefits of the new Bluetooth technology is having connectivity without sacrificing the WiFi connection. Users can be connected to any iOS device and still browse the web, look up YouTube videos of their favorite musicians and download their favorite MIDI app to use with the jamstik+.

Working with Fishman, an industry leader in magnetic pickup technology, Zivix is now able to offer a more authentic and natural picking experience, most similar to a traditional guitar. Users can recreate real guitar expression from subtle gestures when playing, like picking louder to a softer sound and the jamstik+ won’t miss a beat.

With all new jamstik+ companion apps, the jamstik app and jamTutor series and jamMix, users now have more options to embark on their musical journey. The ability to play a variety of instruments the moment it’s connected, including banjo, piano, harp and even sitar. Beyond the new instruments, users get instant feedback with an open play mode that shows finger position for practicing chords. Users can begin strumming chords within minutes of opening the box! There are also expanded features like one-touch octave, capo shifting and programmable D-pad, offering increased versatility no matter what level of musician picks up the jamstik.

Additional Features of the jamstik+:

  • Lightweight and ultra-portable, making it perfect to practice or create music anywhere
  • Infrared light-sensing technology “sees” finger placement and provides real-time feedback
  • Quiet: Plug in headphones into the iPhone or iPad and no one will hear it but you
  • Loud: Plug in your favorite speaker to the iPhone and iPad and rock out for a crowd
  • Compatible with GarageBand® and hundreds of other existing MIDI apps
  • Real strings, real frets and real transferable skills… And never needs tuning
  • Wirelessly connect to iOS devices and Macs with Bluetooth Smart


Zivix is on a mission to bring music to everyone, and supporting music education is a critical component. 

To foster young musicians, Zivix will donate one jamstik+ to education organizations around the country for every 15 product backers through the duration of the Kickstarter campaign.

Zivix believes the Kickstarter community is the perfect audience to amplify this mission and to help bring music to everyone. To that end, Kickstarter-only reward packages include an exclusive custom- engineered speaker backpack called the Jampack. It’s 20 pounds of wearable speakers and it wails, for that ultimate mobile jam!

For the full story and more information:  

For the first 48 hours of the campaign, the jamstik+ will be offered at $199, with additional pricing tiers and incentives available. 

Jamstik+ units will be shipping in early summer 2015.

Made In the USA

Zivix has also made a firm commitment to supporting American manufacturing, and is very proud that the jamstiks are being made in the United States.

For more information about the jamstik, visit and

About Zivix

Based in Minneapolis, Zivix is a technology company focused on making musical instruments more accessible for everyone. Zivix builds products for professional musicians, people who want to become musicians, and people who just want to have fun with musical tools.

Source:  Press Release

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