Product Review: C. F. Martin & Co.® RETRO Acoustic Strings Light 12 MM12 Monel


As seen on Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 5

These nickel-based alloy blend strings were put on my Tacoma PM-15 to test them out at a couple of gigs. These strings are said to “mellow quickly to a warm vintage tone that brings out the unique, woody sounds in your acoustic guitar.” The first thing I loved about them was the tone. They still had the jangle high end sound that I love but with a rich resonance underlying that trebly sound. After playing them and digging it for a while in the room, I took the show on the road to really test drive these strings. I am typically hard on my guitars and especially tough on the strings, usually having to change them every other gig. The sound coming through my amp was really nice. Not as high-end sounding as they were in an acoustic setting, but still a nice round tone, with the high-end notes that I am always looking for.  I could play for hours, and the tone stayed really nice. After a couple of gigs, they did get a little dead sounding, and even cleaning them did not help. But, as I mentioned, I am tough on my strings and usually have to change them every other gig, so this wasn’t unusual. They sounded really good while they lasted.

I would definitely purchase these again and would love to try a heavier set of them for my guitar that I always have tuned to alternate tunings, thus needing a heavier string to not only keep it in tune but to keep the strings from breaking.

Note: Played in March and April 2018 in high altitude, with various winter and spring temps and low humidity.


Price $8.99

Che Zuro

Ché Zuro is a professional musician/singer/songwriter with a very colorful past. Along with writing, she is also obsessed with genealogy, skiing, travel, and history.


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