Product Review: Dog Days Vintage Guitar Straps


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 3 – Ladies Rock the Blues – June 2018

Besides being gorgeous, one of the best things I like about this company is that they hand-make their products in Santa Cruz, California, choosing beautiful, luxurious designer upholstery fabrics and vintage fabrics. They utilize the fabric on both sides of the strap. What does this mean for you? It’s soft and comfortable, with no scratchy rough edges where the front and back of the strap meet. And they have such a beautiful and unique set of fabrics to choose from, so you can have a unique and comfortable strap.  

The leather used for the end strap is a high-quality thick, yet supple leather which fits nicely and snug around the strap pin, giving you the peace of mind that your guitar is securely attached. I did check their website and they do have an option for vegan materials. Also, the metal hardware used for these straps seems to be of very high quality.

I reviewed the Red and Grey 2″ wide guitar strap, which is a thick cotton designer fabric with a red velvet classical design raised over a silvery grey background and is simply gorgeous and pairs nicely well with a black electric guitar!  They also come in 3” wide and offer ukulele and mandolin straps.

Price:  $64.99