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Product Review: Eventide Rose Modulated Delay Pedal

I was drawn to the Eventide Rose Modulated Delay Pedal at Summer NAMM 2019 because it didn’t seem as complicated as the Eventide H9. From my review of this modulation delay pedal, I found the capabilities to be mind-blowing yet simple and easy to use. I liked that I did not need an app, and there were still endless capabilities in a more compact pedal. Call me “old school,” but I like to have physical knobs that I can adjust on the fly. I honestly don’t have the time at gigs to set up my phone or tablet to tweak an effect to a room via an app.

The Eventide Rose has these luscious sounds and a broad range to which you can modulate its effects. Each knob has a wide spread of options. I found myself only using about 30% of the knob’s radius for general effects. You can come up with some crazy soundscapes if you push it to its extreme, and I like that it can go from conservative delays to insane modulation and intergalactic soundscapes.

The functionality is incredible, unlike any of the other pedals it’s compared to. The instructions look like a mad scientist’s chalkboard emphasizing the infinite amount of variations this pedal can produce. But don’t be intimidated. I love that you have unlimited control, yet can also use it as a delay/modulation pedal and keep it simple.

The Eventide Rose is easy to use and versatile at the same time. With all of its delay modes, shapes, multipliers, hotswitch, alternate settings, and auxiliary functions, you can spend hours, if not days, exploring a multitude of sounds. Yet right out of the box with a few turns of the knobs, you can create some amazing sounds.

I have been using this pedal for a while, exploring and creating some fun and creative sounds, and have just barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. This is one of those delays you keep because you always find something new and different to explore, yet it does the basics to perfection—there are no limits or boundaries. The Eventide Rose has been my go-to delay since I received it to review, and I have used it for electric and acoustic guitars—I love its warm sweeping sounds.

Price $299
For more information and full specifications, visit eventideaudio.com/products/stompboxes/delay/rose

Disclaimer: We were loaned the product from the manufacturer for an honest review. We received no payment or other compensation for the review of this product.

Lynnay Della Luce


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