Product Review: Fender American Professional II Precision Bass

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 15 – Spring 2021 – Electrified!

The only thing better than a classic is taking that classic to a whole new level. Fender’s new American Professional II Precision Bass series features some seriously smart, high-quality enhancements.

The Miami Blue solid body color with the maple fingerboard is show-stopping. Even after being shipped, the bass was in perfect shape; the neck was straight and true, the action was just right, and it was even in tune.

It fits well within that classic P bass look and feel with the warm maple “super-natural” satin finish neck, resonant alder body, gloss urethane finish, and bright solid body color with a three-ply mint pickguard. However, the biggest enhancement we found was the addition of the new state-of-the-art Single V-Mod II Precision Bass V split-coil pickups, which pushes clarity and punch to a whole new level. Rolling the tone control all the way up gives you a super bright tone (great for soloing or slapping and popping). You easily get that classic P bass mid-range punch in the mid position, but with a bit of bite and color. Rolling it all the way off smooths it out into a rich, warm, buttery tone that is just as clear and bright (great for grooving deep in the pocket behind a band).

The addition of the HiMass Vintage Bridge gives you increased sustain, and with the classically thick 63” shaped neck, you have the option to top-load your strings or string it through the bass. Additionally, this bass has amazing overall balance for the working player, not too heavy or too light. On the backside, it has a newly designed contoured heel, giving you easy access to all your upper registers on the fretboard. The neck also features rolled-off fingerboard edges so you can smoothly move, slide, and groove up and down the neck, a big improvement to the older chunkier necks.

The American Professional II Precision Bass is extremely versatile, covering the all-important and in-demand P-Bass perspective. The new pickup model can be further applied to many other genres. You just can’t beat the sound and feel of a Precision Bass, and this one is a dream to play, looks amazing, and is of the highest premium quality. Fender delivers even more bang for your buck in its newest bass design for the modern working, serious, and loyal player.

Price:  $1,549.99
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