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Product Review: Fender Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp

As seen in
Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 16 – Summer 2021
Acoustic Amplified!

The world of music gear has changed substantially in the past decade, as we no longer need to lug around 4×12 cabs and have the neighbors complain about our practice habits. Amps have gotten smaller, and amp modelers are getting better and better. Fender now takes this concept of convenience and portability to the Mustang Micro and does not disappoint.

The configuration of the Micro is simple. You won’t get lost scrolling for hours through a bunch of presets that really have no relevance to actual sounds a guitar and amp make. Set up is easy, so you have more time to just dive right into playing.

Fender keeps it simple with 12 amp models and 12 effect combos (which is really all you need). Sounds range from clean blues and twangy country to surf rock reverb tones and metal distortions. Even better, you don’t need guitar cables! It just plugs right into the guitar input jack and runs off a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The rotating input plug makes it easy to fit into any guitar without being cumbersome.

My favorite settings are the ‘90s American amp with the modulated reverb effect and the 2290 delay and reverb effect. It also has Bluetooth capabilities to sync with audio and video in real-time when practicing, and you can even record via the Micro’s USB-C output.

The Fender Mustang Micro is great for travel or at home when you want to practice without the hassle of cables, power sources, or amps. You can keep that creativity flowing and not miss a beat with this device. It may be small, but it packs a big punch. It’s truly amazing what this pocket-sized little guy can do!

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Price:  $99.99

Lynnay Della Luce


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