Product Review: G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 3 – Ladies Rock the Blues – June 2018

The G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo is the lightest capo on the market, weighing only 8g, and is made from a flexible hard composite material that fits across the fretboard with a strap made of nylon. It is designed in such a way that the grip is evenly distributed across all the strings rather than being a bit heavier on one end, like you would get with some trigger capos. It is fast and fairly effortless to put on a guitar. 

I have tested out many different types of capos as a guitar teacher, as my students bring along many different varieties. You usually have to spend a little more to get a good capo that is quick and easy to use. I usually prefer the trigger-type capos, as you just grip and then place over the fretboard. Some of the different types can sometimes take a lot of hand strength to open it wide enough, and many of my beginner students struggle with this and end up dragging the strings along the guitar with the capo as they put it on, making it go out of tune. Other types take a while to unscrew, which, if you are using one at a gig, could make for a slightly awkward long pause as you try and put on the capo as fast as you can between songs.

I really like the slim design of this particular G7th UltraLight capo, as it is simplistic, user-friendly, and so streamlined you barely notice you have a capo on your guitar. It features a clip and screw design that rises to allow for wider necks and can be lowered to fit a narrower neck. It is super light and small and can easily fit into a purse or pocket. The Ultralight comes with a really reasonable price tag, and although not as fast as a trigger capo, it is way faster than many other tension screw capos I have used in the past. 

It is easy for beginners to use, although you need a minute to get used to it. I like the way it keeps the tone of your strings without buzz and doesn’t pull them too much out of tune, as can be the case with some other capos. I would recommend this capo to my students, especially my younger ones with less hand strength.

If I can get super-fast at putting it on, I would want to use it at live shows, but right now, my trigger capo is easier, though I don’t like the bulkiness of it after using the UltraLight. 

A great option for beginners and pros alike, it also comes with a lifetime warranty

Price:  $14.99