Product Review: Get’m Get’m Casanova 2″ Velvet Guitar Strap


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 11 – Spring 2020 – SoCal Inspired

By Guitar Gabby

Recently, I’ve been trying out a guitar strap that is not only unique in its make but also unique in its design. Get’m Get’m straps is a company based in Los Angeles that makes high-quality, gorgeous straps for those guitarists out there looking for a sturdy, handcrafted strap.

The Casanova 2 is a velvet fabric strap that is two inches wide and lengthens up to 72 inches. At first, I was sceptical about the velvet material because I have used straps in the past made of similar fabric, and they did not last. Between the general wear and tear accompanied by the weight of the guitar pulling on the ends of the strap, the fabric would get destroyed in the most important places and eventually causing the pinhole to loosen up and my guitar sliding off of me during live performances.

Not so with the Casanova 2 as it is equipped with high quality, durable metal hardware and leather tips that allow the fabric and leather portions to be flexible without breaking. I tried the Casanova out during a few photoshoots and for a portion of my live shows on my band’s tour. This strap proved to be all the company says in that it is quality fabric, leather, and care put into each strap. The Casanova 2 comes in five different colours, so no matter what guitar you decide to play, you will have a quality strap to match. I loved using this strap and would not mind getting the other colours to add to my collection!


Price:  $95.00

Guitar Gabby

Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan is an Atlanta Native and proud graduate of Spelman College and Vermont Law School. Her background in environmental and music law fueled her desire to start and manage the international all-women touring collective, TxLips Band, LLC. Logan believes it is important for artists to be well rounded and versed in many areas of the music business, thus inspiring women worldwide to be an unstoppable force. She is the Diversity Editor for Guitar Girl Magazine and the Board Chair for Girls Rock Asheville.


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