Product Review: GHS Fingerboard Care Kit



I just tried out the new GHS Fingerboard Care Kit on one of my older guitars that I have not only not played in a long time, but I have not even had strings on it for just as long. I wanted to try out the Care Kit, so I thought I would pull the old acoustic out and try it on her. The Care Kit comes with a small fret buffer (picture a nail buffer), a non-toxic small bottle of a conditioner, and a small cloth.

At first, I didn’t think that the fingerboard needed urgent care, but I went ahead and started with the frets, using the dark side of the fret buffer to clean my frets one by one, following the directions on the video on the GHS Strings Youtube channel. I was very careful not to let it touch the fingerboard and scratch the wood. Then I turned it over to use the side for buffing and again went one by one buffing my newly cleaned frets.


The next simple step was to douse the white cloth that came with the kit with the fingerboard cleaning solution and rub the fingerboard in between each fret and let it dry. Wow, the results popped! Now I am inspired to replace the parts I was missing and re-string this little to her new sound.

Well, that was easy!

Ted Low


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