Product Review: Luna Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Luna Acoustic Ambiance 25-Watt Amp

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As seen in
Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 16 – Summer 2021
Acoustic Amplified!

Luna has a plethora of exquisite products at exceptional price points. One specific guitar that I had the honor to try (which undeniably turns heads) is the Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony Acoustic-Electric guitar. I also had the pleasure of running it through its Acoustic Ambiance 25-Watt Amp counterpart.

Starting with the guitar, I marvel over the classic moon phases pearloid inlays (a staple of the Luna brand) — the moon phases lay over the fretboard so naturally! The fretboard is made of the distinctive pau ferro wood, which is native to Bolivia and Brazil. The difference in wood is when you do tricks such as hammer-ons, the attack is much quicker! Playability is exceptional because the action is set well, giving the harmonics a luminous ring when plucked or struck. In addition to the spruce top giving off a brighter/crisper tone, the body and neck are made from lush mahogany, creating a rich tonality in the instrument. Overall, the unplugged quality of the sound is remarkably well balanced, like a good breakfast.

The Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony Acoustic-Electric is outstandingly versatile! First and foremost, this is the ultimate share-worthy “party guitar.” The physical design alone is enough to get your guests talking, for the showstopping ebony veneered guitar is one of the most eye-catching in the market. Another point I would like to add is that this would be an ideal candidate for beginners, teenagers, and adults looking to get into the art of playing guitar. This model is highly recommended for singer-songwriters just based on the unplugged tonality for those acoustic late-night writing sessions. The concert cutaway also allows the player to reach more frets, thus granting limitless possibilities for any melodic endeavor.

As far as electronics, this guitar takes a 9V battery and has a built-in Luna SL3 preamp. It is remarkable how the equalizer sliding dials allow you to be as precise as possible. An electrifying feature of this set-up is the “Phase” button. Once engaged, you will increase the warmth of your sound and alter the polarity of the preamp. The built-in tuner is always a plus.

For amplification, we plugged it into the Luna Acoustic Ambiance 25-Watt Amp. Wrapped in a floral paisley-like leather design, the brass hardware is a pleasant accent. In addition to being lightweight, the nice leathery handle makes travel easy. The 2-Channel board allows one to plug an XLR mic and ¼ inch cable directly into the amp. This system also allows one to attach another music playing device — fun for get-togethers, taking breaks between sets, and practice. The Chorus/Speed element allows you to add depth to the sound, which you can implement with a simple push of a button. You can plug headphones into the amp, as well as connect it to another speaker using the external output. The equalizer is just as adaptable as the Luna SL3 preamp, making the amp a ride-or-die to the Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony-Acoustic guitar.

I would like to note how crisp and glossy the tone of this guitar is when plugged in. The Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony Acoustic-Electric guitar, combined with the Acoustic Ambiance 25-Watt Amp, is excellent for anyone looking to play Country/Americana music, especially due to the guitar’s high-end intonation. The suppleness of the adaptable equalizing options on both guitar and amp can be dynamic for singer-songwriters of any genre performing smaller venues, as well as those who like to busk on a beautiful day.

Ultimately, the Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony Acoustic-Electric guitar is not only stunning in beauty, but it is an efficient guitar at a price that is affordable to many. This is a guitar that stands out and offers a fierce element to any music session. The Acoustic Ambiance 25-Watt Amp offers ideal companionship to the guitar, adding contoured flavor to all your amplified needs. And to keep this guitar safe, the optional hardshell case in black tooled leather will assure your instrument is safe during travel and in storage.

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Price of Gypsy Exotic Black/White Ebony Acoustic-Electric Guitar: $279.00
Price of Acoustic Ambiance 25 Watt Amp: $149.00
Price of Luna Hardshell Tooled Leather Dreadnought/Concert Case: $129.00

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