Product Review: Martin & Co. Acoustic SP MSP4100 Phosphor Bronze, Light .012/.054


Loving the sound of Phosphor Bronze strings, I wanted to try Martin’s version of them, on my #1 axe, a Tacoma PM-15. They were not disappointing. Although they do make my hands and fingers black (I must be allergic to some metal that they use in these) the sound was wonderful, and they lasted longer than I had thought. 

These strings are made with an “ultra-high tensile strength core that is designed for maximum tone and longevity,” which rang true! They lasted long and the tone was really even between the highs and lows. Liking a more jangly sound, I was pretty pleased with these strings. 


After using these for a couple of gigs, I noticed that they started to deaden slightly, but not much, which was great for someone who plays live a lot. (Playing live, for those of you who are not familiar with the differences, requires sturdy and long and hard-working gear, especially strings when one is playing 3-4 hours/night. This is versus playing in your room or home studio where one doesn’t really beat up their gear as much!) 

I liked these strings and will purchase them again! 

List $4.89 and up, visit Martin Strings.

Note:  Played in April and May 2018 in high altitude, with various winter and spring temps and low humidity.


Che Zuro

Ché Zuro is a professional musician/singer/songwriter with a very colorful past. Along with writing, she is also obsessed with genealogy, skiing, travel, and history.


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