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Product Review: Shubb C2G Capo Royale for Classical — Shines Like Gold

I have an old no-name classical guitar that is over 50 years old with a thick C shaped neck. I have had trouble finding a capo that will fit the neck as normal capos just don’t fit correctly, so I end up having to retune each string.

Upon checking out the Shubb Capo Royale C2G made for classical guitars, what stood out most was the ability to adjust the tension, and once I adapted the pressure to exactly where I wanted it, the capo stayed set. No longer did I have to worry about having too much tension on this old guitar or the tuning being totally off.

This capo is designed to “press the strings just like your fingertip.” In my opinion, the C2G gave my guitar a softer tone while keeping the tuning more accurate. It also comes on and off the guitar with ease and feels sturdy.

The Capo Royale is an excellent choice if you need a reliable capo for a classical guitar with a flat fretboard. And what about looks? The Shubb Royale Capo series features a gold-toned titanium finish (available in gold or rose gold) that is both durable and beautiful.

MSRP: $29.95

Lynnay Della Luce



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