Product Review: PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Electric Guitar

By Guitar Gabby


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine June 2018 issue.


If you haven’t already heard, PRS and John Mayer have collaborated to give us a new John Mayer model guitar. The PRS John Mayer Silver Sky is a blend between vintage and that classic PRS creamy, sophisticated look and tone we have all come to love. One of my favorite guitars in my collection is a PRS. I remember when I first picked up a PRS, I just knew I wanted to have that one day. I was blessed to be given an SE Åkerfeldt on my birthday four years ago, and I was beyond ecstatic to finally own one of these premier guitars. Fast-forward to 2018, and we have the perfect blend of a classy aesthetic and vintage rock ‘n’ roll.


I had the absolute honor to demo this guitar recently on the weekend of the PRS Experience 2018 showcase. The moment I opened the Silver Sky case, I was in complete awe to see the body and shape with the trademarked PRS birds flowing down the maple neck of this beauty. I immediately plugged it in with sheer excitement, because I knew I was not going to be disappointed. I played the chords of my song “Hold On A Little Less Tighter” and was immediately impressed by the smooth flow and sound of the neck and 635JM pickups. I switched to some rock distortion and was excited to hear the flexibility of the guitar. I do, however, think that this guitar was made to be played a little more clean than distorted. The steel tremolo provides ample opportunity for any John Mayer-inspired musician to sway the listener’s ear with its easy and smooth neck, making it easy and pleasing to bend those strings at will.

This guitar is two thumbs up for me! I have been a fan of PRS guitars for some time, and I am fully looking forward to the next project they give us.

Guitar Gabby

Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan is an Atlanta Native and proud graduate of Spelman College and Vermont Law School. Her background in environmental and music law fueled her desire to start and manage the international all-women touring collective, TxLips Band, LLC. Logan believes it is important for artists to be well rounded and versed in many areas of the music business, thus inspiring women worldwide to be an unstoppable force. She is the Diversity Editor for Guitar Girl Magazine and the Board Chair for Girls Rock Asheville.


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