Cam’s new album ‘The Otherside’ a delightful odyssey into the musician’s mind and personal journey

Cam The Otherside album cover
Cam - The Otherside Album Artwork (Photographer: Dennis Leupold)

The Otherside by Grammy-nominated country artist Cam is a delightful odyssey into the musician’s mind and personal journey. The sophomore album is a great follow-up to Cam’s 2015 debut, Untamed, a critically acclaimed record that landed the singer and songwriter on the Billboard top 200 chart. Standout tracks such as “Till There’s Nothing Left” have been recognized by new fans and devoted listeners and even found a spot on the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent.”

The bluesy vocals and tremendous mixing of The Otherside bring out the universal appeal of Cam and her band for an international audience. The title track and additional tracks showcase the country artist’s diverse talents and ability to adapt in her career for modern sound. What makes The Otherside stand out the most is the raw emotion and storytelling skills of Cam’s lyrics to combine with beautiful melodies for fans of country-rock.

In interviews, Cam has been called “the country queen” and boasts an impressive collective of songwriting credits from other popular artists, including Sam Smith and Harry Styles. The single “Classic” lets the listener into Cam’s thoughtful sensitivity and feelings. Each track is individual in its own sense, from the anthem “Diane” to the instant classic outro “Girl Like Me.”

The world of country music requires determination, heart, and soul from an artist truly passionate about their craft. Cam has proven she’s the real deal with years of working in the industry with other talented players in the game to be compared to household names such as Taylor Swift and the Chicks.

Cam is a true influence on aspiring country music singers of all ages. The Otherside creates an atmosphere while still being an easy and fun listen for fans of the genre or anyone who is looking to broaden their taste in music and add to their album collection. There’s a reason why this album is set to be a notable release in 2020 to breathe new inspiration into the music world with a sense of classic country and a relatable voice.

Whether you’re looking for an emotional ballad such as “Redwood Tree” or the personal anthem “Happier For You,” The Otherside has something for all listeners to admire and enjoy. Country artists such as Cam are a great influence on anyone who wants to pursue a career in music to experience what it means to be a true rock star.

– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer