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Emily Zuzik’s Torch & Trouble a collection of Americana influence with classic country sound

Torch & Trouble, by established singer-songwriter Emily Zuzik, is an eclectic indie album that demonstrates the songstress’ musical talents. The twangy southern tone of the Zuzik’s voice is prevalent on tracks such as “Stay Wild” and “Chinese Food and Donuts,” reminiscent of popular artists including Liz Phair. Clever wordplay and clean mastering make Torch & Trouble stand out in a world of male-driven music.

The artist has already made her mark on the music world with collaborations, live performances, and studio recordings. Torch & Trouble tells a story through the songwriter’s mind and is effortlessly catchy to sing along with friends or on your home stereo speakers. This record is available on multiple streaming services with high regard from critics and fans alike.

Zuzik can span all eras of indie rock with country and rock anthems alike. Torch & Trouble is a collection of Americana influence with classic sounds that can be compared to icons such as Patsy Cline with a modern twist.

While Emily Zuzik may already be a seasoned rocker, this album is sure to put her star even more on the map with quality songs and a relatable style most listeners can identify with.


01. Stay Wild
02. Get It Right
03. Chinese Food and Donuts
04. Trouble
05. Magic
06. Shadows
07. All That Love
08. Wild Mustangs Across The Great Plains
09. Embers
10. The Band Played On

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