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Heather Anne Lomax channels Elvis Presley in album, ‘All This Time’

Music Review of All This Time
by Heather Anne Lomax

All This Time by Heather Anne Lomax is a country album with Americana appeal, stemming from the artist’s longtime influence Elvis Presley to feature a sultry twang and bluesy appeal. Tracks such as the sentimental “Heart Don’t Lie” and the special single “Better Luck” makes All This Time a standout album by a seasoned singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

“I am moved and inspired by the voice, life, and recordings of Elvis Presley:
especially the
Sun Sessions and the American Sound Studios recordings.”
– Heather Anne Lomax

heather ann lomax
Heather Anne Lomax – Photo provided by artist

Heather Anne Lomax comes from rock royalty with ties to famous icons such as her cousin, the renowned Alan Lomax, who studied music and its methods. Her mother was a musician who appeared in a Bob Hope Christmas Special in the ’70s, while her grandmother performed on Broadway and her grandfather was a disc jockey in New York.

Her roots and diversity are purely Southern with an edgy appeal as a former resident of Kansas City, MO. All This Time is a heartfelt tribute to The King with emotional lyrics and moving vocals.

What makes All This Time a country record to remember is Heather Anne Lomax and band’s soulful approach to timeless Americana music. Elvis himself would smile at the dedication behind this release and a flawless tribute to his legacy from start to finish. At times nostalgic gospel and other moments upbeat country in lyrics and melodies, All This Time is sure to be a classic for fans of the good old days of rock and roll.

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With Jason Hiller on production and mixing duties, Heather, alongside an electrifying team of renowned musicians, began to chip away at realizing her vision. The record features Zachary Ross, Ty Bailie, Ben Peeler, Aubrey Richmond, David Goodstein, Chris Joyner, Rob Humphreys, Rosa Pullman, Maesa Pullman, Ronee Martin, John “JT’Thomas, and Danielle Fife. The record was mastered at Lurssen Mastering by Reuben Cohen and Gavin Lurssen.”

– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

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