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Joseph Captivates Audience in Atlanta during February 21 performance

Deep Sea Diver opens for Joseph at Terminal West

Another night, and another sold-out show in Atlanta. This time it was the band Joseph that stole the hearts of the city. On Friday night, February 21, the city came together to pack out Terminal West and show their support for this sister-trio, American Folk/Pop band. With over 30,000 social media followers and their third album titled Good Luck, Kid, out now along with a new EP that just dropped, this is a band on the rise you don’t want to miss.

The touring support act, Deep Sea Diver, kicked off the show with a killer indie-rock set. As the crowd warmed up and I made my way to the front row of a full house, I met a little girl named Claire, standing front and center with her mom. After talking to them for a few minutes, I found out that she was a twelve-year-old cancer survivor. Her mom was explaining to me that all the days spent in the hospital and through multiple surgeries, the main thing that kept her going and uplifted her was all the time they spent listening to Joseph together. There’s something so magical about the power of music, and this band has it. The look in this kids’ eyes as Joseph took the stage and started the set with the song “In My Head” is something that will stick with me forever.

Joseph took a unique approach to the show, captivating their audience. With all three girls lined up center stage, the first set began setting a high energy vibe with the band behind them. A powerhouse of vocals and harmonies, along with some impressive guitar skills, to say their talent is outstanding, is an understatement. Several songs in, the band left the stage, stripping it down to an acoustic set. With witty banter in between songs, they made a joke about how they never thought they’d cover Mariah Carey and Tom Waits in the same show.

The setlist was perfectly executed, bringing the band back out for the final few songs. As the show was coming to an end, the crowd erupted in cheers begging for just one more song. Wrapping up with the final encore of the night, Joseph set themselves up to be a group playing phenomenal music that sets the bar high for other female-fronted musicians coming through our town.

~ Emily Levin

Joseph Live Performance Shots

Deep Sea Diver Live Performance Shots

female guitarist performing on stage
Deep Sea Diver – photo by Elevin Photography
female keyboard player performing on stage
Deep Sea Diver – photo by Elevin Photography
Deep Sea Diver – photo by Elevin Photography
Deep Sea Diver – photo by Elevin Photography
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