3 Top Tips on How to Practice Your Instrument Effectively


If your New Year’s resolution is to learn a musical instrument, then you shouldn’t go into the venture half-hearted. You should give it your all, and you should seek to be effective with everything that you do. Only then will you give yourself the best chance possible of sticking with your challenge and achieving your goal.

If you incorporate the three effective tips found below into your practicing regime, you’ll be sure to become a maestro in no time.

Get everything set up the way you like it


You’re the one learning to play a musical instrument, which means you have to do all you can to make the experience as easy as it can possibly be for yourself. Getting everything set up exactly the way you like it then, is pivotal.

If you learn best in a quiet area, then find yourself a secluded room in which you can practice. On the other hand, if you prefer more stimulation, join other learners in a communal area. By choosing a place that promotes your learning, and, more importantly, by being consistent with the way you learn, you’ll enter yourself into the right frame of mind every time you sit down to practice your chosen instrument. Whether you’re planning to get a Digital Piano or Guitar. Don’t spend a lot on your first musical instrument. Try to get a beginner’s musical instrument like Yamaha P71 or P45, sites like Piano Nadu will help you to pick the suitable digital piano

Don’t forget to warm up

This doesn’t mean making sure that the area in which you practice is warm (although, practicing in the right temperature will always be advantageous), this means warming up before you begin playing just like a sportsperson would before physical activity. By easing into each practice session before you really get going with it, you’ll prepare your mind for the hours of deep concentration that are set to follow. You’ll stop yourself from suffering from burnout and fatigue halfway through the session, too.

Scribble on your scores

As you get deeper into your quest to learn a musical instrument, things will change. The way you interpret the music that you listen to and seek to learn will change, and as it does, you should change with it. You should embrace the fact that you are evolving as an instrument learner by scribbling on your musical scores. When it comes to doing this, you should highlight certain notes and dynamics, change various timings, and alter scores based on your new interpretations.

Because you’ll be doing a lot of chopping and changing, it is a good idea to print off multiple copies of your practice sheets. Doing so will mean nothing will be lost, and irreversible damage will never occur. To ensure you are capable of printing off various sheets of musical scores, you should seek to pack your printer with quality compatible ink cartridges — you can find such quality at Cartridge People. Make sure you have something to hold your sheets of paper, too, as losing a crucial component of a song could be enough to put you off learning your instrument altogether.

If you want to become a musical genius in 2019, then make sure to put the three pieces of advice found above into practice. If you do, who knows how good you might be by this time next year!

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