It’s been a while since I have personally used Elixir strings on my guitars, so this was a welcomed reunion. Over the years I have heard nothing but good things about Elixir as a company and the quality of their premium guitar strings. Today, I got the pleasure of testing out the Elixir OPTIWEB coated electric guitar strings in the light gauge 10-46.

First impression – these strings feel great! The coating isn’t too thick and it doesn’t seem to affect the vibration of the strings. They felt very snappy and responsive under my fingers whether I was playing chords, or picking on a lead. Once I plugged them in, the warm, even tone was impressive. Honestly, it would be something I would expect out of a premium guitar string.

These strings have a reputation for longevity, and from my last experience with Elixir strings, I have found this to be true. The strings are coated in their entirety which gives them a longer lifespan than some of their competitors’ strings.

In reading on the Elixir website, I found more info on the OPTIWEB coating. It is known to be the coating with the most natural and light weight feel that Elixir offers (other coatings are POLYWEB and NANOWEB). This coating allows the strings to produce a warm tone, while making the feel slick and fast.

Overall, I was happy with the tone and feel, and will have to see how long they will last. Priced around $12.99/set, it seems well worth the investment for the convenience of a string you don’t have to change as often while maintaining a superior feel and tone. Thumbs up!!!

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