With texts, tweets, posts, blogs, Skype and OMG phone calls, your phone alone can be a distraction from focusing on making your music. You know when you can look inside to really let your creativity flow. Be it when you’re in your quiet place at 3AM by candle light or at full volume under the bright stage lights with your crew, Hogjim, Kyle Koster’s creation and the Mongolian word for music, their guitar straps, pick holders and t-shirts help focus on making the magic happen.

Hogjim – The Mongolian word for music

With their straps, available in black or white, their proprietary quick connect system  gives you a no-fumbling, secure connection between your strap and strap button. They fit most end strap buttons easily without adjustment and the over molded high-quality TPE material will leave your guitar unscathed. The last thing you want to worry when you’re rocking is your guitar coming off the strap, but with your Hogjim, you’re good, so rock on!

Hogjim Guitar Straps

Even more coolness is their patented pick holder, the Pik Tik. The Pik Tik, available in black or orange, lets you to easily switch between fingerpicking and strumming, which helps give you veteran song writer song dynamics. The Pik Tik is held to your guitar pick guard by suction (how cool is that?!) and it holds your pick 90 degrees / perpendicular to your guitar’s face.  Whether you insert the pick just a tiny bit or up to its full five millimeters available, it will securely be held in place. The Pik Tik can simply be removed after playing or stay on your guitar as a pick holder; either way it will not damage your guitar’s surface. 

Hogjim Pik Tick

Allows you to easily switch between fingerpicking and strummin’

Any way you look at it, the Pik Tik is both practical and functional as it gives you a quick and easy way to help your technique of going from finger-style to flat-picking. Experienced veteran players make this switching skill look easy, but can take years to learn. With the Pik Tik, it will help you master this talent much, much quicker and easier.

And with the Pik Tik, you get a Hogjim guitar pick to boot!

Hogjim Pik Tick Hogjim Strap System

It will help you master this talent

With their T-shirt, you’ll just look all the cooler. “Oh my Hogjim? Yes, those ‘in the know’ are all using them.”

Hogjim t-shirt

So with the Hogjim easy-to-use, secure straps, the secret weapon Pik Tik pick holder (with the Hogjim pick included), and uber cool T-shirt, you’ll be able to focus on making your magic come alive.

For more info, see www.hogjim.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/hogjimMusic


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