Lisa S. Johnson, author and photographer of her new coffee table book titled 108 Rock Star Guitars (Glitterati, Inc.), spent 17 years traveling the globe in pursuit of photographing the guitars of some of our favorite rock legends. Indeed, it’s as if she has captured the very soul of our beloved guitar legends featuring the instruments of Les Paul, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Rick Nielsen, Ace Frehley, Carlos Santa, Lou Reed, as well as many other icons through these iconic axes. She has also photographed the guitars of some of our favorite female guitartists including Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Chrissie Hynde, and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart.
We had the pleasure of speaking with Molly Hamilton of indie rock band, Widowspeak, who are rising up the musical ladder, having played the prestigious SXSW and were featured in entertainment publication, Interview Magazine. Guitarist and singer, Molly, leads the band with her long-time friend, Robert Earl Thomas on guitar. Having only been in formation since 2010, the band is making great strides with their music, from being critically acclaimed with their debut self-titled album.Their latest release, 'The Swamps,' is filled with lush, nature-influenced themes with nostalgic remnances that will take you to seasons past. The record was released in October of this year, and they will soon have their third record in the works. Read on to discover more about Molly, their North American tour, the themes behind their music, and ideas for their future album: 
I first heard of Ali Handal back in 2000, when she came out with a catchy tune about her pet feline.  “Indy the Cat” was so, uh, catchy, in fact, she even let Indy participate in the recording of it by adding a few “meows.”
Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Serena Ryder made a tour stop in Atlanta at the famed Tabernacle last Friday evening opening for Michael Franti. Sitting in her dressing room prior to hitting the stage, Ryder chatted with us about her life as a musician, and reflected on what inspired her, challenges she faced along the way, and her fabulous new album Harmony.
With a new EP titled Ghost Stories set to release November 12, Hannah Fairchild, the lead singer and guitarist for her Brooklyn, NY based band Hannah vs. The Many, chatted with us about her background, the inspiration behind Ghost Stories, her band, and how she started her musical career. Originally moving to New York to pursue a career in musical theatre, Hannah quickly discovered she would much rather pursue a career as a musician. So, her journey began!
Grace White, the female half of the punkgrass duo Grace & Tony, likes to tell stories through her music with her husband Tony White. Their self-proclaimed style of music which they have dubbed "punkgrass" grew from Tony's former musical...
The LA trio, The Vim Dicta, has been making great strides in the LA music scene and is set to release their new EP Von Tango on October 21, 2013. In addition to their new EP, they have also...
Having dealt with breast cancer in my family after losing my maternal grandmother to what started out as breast cancer and eventually mestastized into bone marrow cancer, I know first hand the effects that breast cancer can have on...
Atlanta-based indie-alt-folk group von Grey is a group of sisters that were classically trained as a musicians from a very early age.  Dual lead singer-songwriters Annika (violin, banjo, guitar, keys) and Fiona (guitar, violin, percussion), Petra (keys, lap steel guitar, electronic percussion, background vocals), and Kathryn (cello, bass pedals, mandolin, keys, background vocals) round out this ensemble that is steeped in the rich traditions of Americana and folk styles.
The rock band Sick Puppies hails from Australia and took a chance when they moved to Los Angeles in 2006. That chance paid off as they quickly rose to fame with their “Free Hugs” video featuring their single “All the Same” on YouTube that has garnered them over 74,000,000 views. The band members are Shimon (Shim) Moore (lead vocals, guitar), Emma Anzai (bass, backing vocals) and Mark Goodwin (drums, percussion, backing vocals).