The Grammy Awards held at the Los Angeles Staples Center last night was full of glitz, glam and music. The Grammys opened with a jaw-dropping performance by Beyonce and Jay Z, followed by Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink, Lorde, the iconic Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, gracious and talented Carol King accompanied by Sara Bareilles, Keith Urban, Chicago and Robin Thicke, Willie Nelson and Krist Kristofferson, and many, many more.
Fender announced the release of their artist signature guitar accessories named after guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. According to the press release, the accessories will include guitar strings, instrument cables, gig bags, electronic turners, guitar straps and effects pedals desogmed...
The Southern California pop-singer/songwriter and guitarist Colbie Caillat was honored by the Grammy’s in an article on her top five influences of the Grammy-award winning artist. Caillat credits these artists for the inspiration behind her music and her most recent work..
Press Release:  2014 marks a decade of the finest guitars to ever bear the name so prized by guitarists everywhere for most of a century–Gretsch guitars.
Squier announces the release of the Squier 60th Anniversary Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster and Eva Gardner Precision Bass in a recent press release. 
Fender's recent press released announced their newest artist signature jaguar guitars.
PRESS RELEASE:  Guild is proud to announce new guitars and basses in the Newark St. Collection and Guitar Special Run (GSR) series.
Via Press Release:  Fender Audio is pleased to introduce several new innovative products aimed to make sharing and amplifying music easier than ever before. 
Press Release:  Fender Acoustics is proud to introduce its 2014 winter collection featuring a fresh lineup of artist signature models, folk music instruments, electro-acoustic models with USB connectivity, and more. 
Fender announced in a press release the introduction of an assortment  of new accessories for 2014, including supercharged pickup sets, a passive volume pedal, and a guitar care system. The press release follows: