Andrea Ward Releases New Single/Music Video “Awake at Night”

Awake at Night
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NYC-based multi-instrumentalist, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and mystic Andrea Ward recently unveiled her single/music video, “Awake at Night,” blending elements of Icelandic pop, Norwegian rock, experimental, alt-pop, permanent wave, and avant-garde.

Ward explains, “‘Awake at Night’ is the idea that you’re awake at night because you know something’s wrong in life. You know that there are forces in the world trying to keep you asleep, and you refuse to be any less alive than your greatest potential. It’s as if the song is a roaring voice from your deep subconscious, telling you to get up and move.”

Following on the heels of singles “Game” and “Algorithm,” “Awake at Night” provides another taste of Ward’s forthcoming album, Ribbon of Water, slated to drop on January 20th.

Her creative process encompasses percussive instruments. Working closely with a drummer to craft fine details, Ward follows by then fashioning dance movements to it for her music videos, thus integrating music and dance into one artistic motion.

According to Ward, “My music sounds the way that my dance looks, both fluid and sharp as if a force of nature was trying to nurture you and sting you at the same time, just enough to force you to move.”

Opening with Ward’s searching, soft voice backed by gentle chiming tones, “Awake at Night” flows into dreamy leitmotifs accented by PJ Donahue’s finessed, rapid-fire drums, infusing the tune with rhythmic textures of tension and dislocation.

Evocative and laced with misty timbres, Ward’s vocals, under exquisite lilting control, imbue the lyrics with inquisitorial savors, at times slicing the air like a fingertip tearing paper.

“I am flooded by every dream every night / And I’m convinced my dreams are my real life / And somehow the world knows what I dream / And voices try to wake me to ask my soul / Will you wake up? / Will you get up?”

At once latently edgy and suffused with subtle, drifting surfaces, “Awake at Night” reveals a portal into the domain of dreamland.

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