Kaitlyn Kohler Releases Enchanting “Everywhere I Go”

Kaitlyn Kohler
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Beaumont, Texas-based singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Kohler recently unveiled her new single, “Everywhere I Go,” a track co-written by Buck Johnson, Andi Zack, and Grammy nominee Charlie Midnight.

“I really love the message of the song, the idea that no matter where you are, your true home is in the person you love,” says Kaitlyn.

She adds, “‘Everywhere I Go’ is very versatile in how people can relate to it. One of my favorite quotes is by Dave Grohl: ‘You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they’ll sing it back to you for 85,000 different reasons.’ I love this song because it really lends itself to that. It’s a beautiful expression of a relationship with someone you love, but everyone has their own idea of what love is.”

“Everywhere I Go” follows on the heels of Kaitlyn’s two singles, “Break Another Heart” and “I’m Not Crying,” both of which hit the top spot on the Texas Radio Report, along with Top Ten singles, “Too Many Love Songs” and “Remember You.”

Kaitlyn’s accolades include being twice nominated by the Texas Regional Radio Awards for New Female Vocalist and Female Vocalist of the Year. Most recently Kaitlyn received an award from The Texas Internet Radio Charts for Emerging Female Artist of the Year.

With influences such as Etta James, Sara Evans, Martina McBride, Josh Turner, and classic rockers Aerosmith, Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kaitlyn’s priorities have always been family, friends, music, and church.

Though she originally planned to go to college to study marine biology or research psychology, her heart pulled her in another direction. She looked to her faith for answers and felt an overpowering calling and a clear sense of purpose to follow the music.

Opening on a vibrant drum fill flowing into a delicious mid-tempo rhythm topped by glittering guitars and a drawling steel guitar, “Everywhere I Go” ripples on swanky country washes, capped by the crème de la crème tones of Kaitlyn. Commanding yet gorgeously melodic, it’s one of those deliciously nuanced voices dripping with sumptuous timbres.

“On a thousand lonely nights / Crowded streets and city lights / By the rivers as they flow / In my heart / You’re everywhere I go.”

Simultaneously bewitching and aglow with upmarket flavors, with “Everywhere I Go,” Kaitlyn Kohler delivers an exquisitely beautiful song.

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