Kimberly Morgan York Releases New EP ‘Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense’

Kimberly Morgan York
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Singer-songwriter Kimberly Morgan York drops her new EP, Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense, following on the heels of last year’s two long players, Found Yourself a Lady and Keep on Goin’.

Born in Southern Kentucky and now based in Athens, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Kevin, their three daughters, three dogs, two hairless cats, a snake, and some fish, York brings her Appalachian roots to her authentic music.

Encompassing four tracks, Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense begins with “Somebody’s Knockin’,” which rolls out on a deliciously wicked rhythm featuring a thick bassline and dripping harmonies. York’s drawling-lite vocals imbue the lyrics with shadowy, evocative tones.

A personal favorite because of its creamy, gliding motion and York’s Patsy Cline-like vocals, “The Devil’s in Durango” summons up suggestions of back-in-the-day country music. A crying steel guitar and graceful strings give the melody a luscious motion.

“All the cows are lying down along the highway / As the moon rises in a sunlit sky / Right is wrong, up is down and wrong is right / I should be going home to Georgia / But the devils in Durango tonight.”

“The Devil Works All Year Long” opens on a drum shuffle, followed by flowing into an upbeat rhythm replete with a sparkling piano, straightforward percussion, and twangy guitars. Full of country savors, York’s vocals dispense pure country inflections with tasty tonal nuances.

The last track, “Other Such Nonsense,” allows York to strut her warbling voice, with hints of embryonic yodeling that give the lyrics delicious chirrs.

Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense is out-and-out fun, highlighted by swanky, sensuous rhythms and the deluxe country voice of Kimberly Morgan York.

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