Music Premiere: Paper Citizen Introduces Captivating “Heart on Fire”

Paper Citizen
Photo: Alissa Wyle
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The musical project of Singaporean singer-songwriter, violinist, guitarist, and producer Claire Gohst, Paper Citizen releases her brand-new single, “Heart on Fire.” Written by Gohst and produced along with Sutter Hellwarth and Ainjel Emme, the song features Anthony Lopez on drums.

Now based in L.A., Gohst explains, “‘Heart on Fire’ speaks about breaking down on those walls rising within your heart, listening to your inner calling, and challenging your emotional barriers to deviate into an energy that will allow you to express yourself entirely for the world to see who you are.”

She goes on, adding, “‘Heart on Fire’ sets out to charge those inbound feelings within you that will pull you back to the culmination of who you are. We occasionally allow other people to dictate the direction of our lives through the fear that we hold within. That feeling like your heart is on fire is an undeniable warmth that should pull you in and allow you to open up to the world about your dreams and aspirations.”

Kicked out of her home at age 17 when her family discovered she was gay, Gohst finally left school for music. Performing in bars, clubs, and restaurants, she recognized she needed to enhance her musicality. Moving to Boston, she studied at Berklee College of Music, where she refined her songwriting skills.

In 2016, she released her debut EP, Postcards in Transit, featuring “Anywhere We Want To.” Two years later, Gohst dropped another EP, Distraction, mirroring her passage to a new country, where she fell in love, experienced heartbreak, traveled through loneliness, and adopted a new home. Distraction also probed the simultaneity of isolation and incessant interconnectivity present in the modern world.

Paper Citizen performed at Singapore’s Pink Dot, supporting the LGBTQ community, in a country devoid of anti-discrimination laws. Along with being nominated for Boston Music Awards’ 617 Sessions Artist of the Year, Paper Citizen has been featured in WGBH, Vanyaland, Bitch Magazine, Swaay, and Autostraddle.

In 2021, Paper Citizen released her third EP, Wandering Ghost.

“Heart on Fire” opens on distant-sounding tinny colors and then expands into a pop-rock melody flavored by luminous waves of electro-pop tangs. The pulsating, driving rhythm pushes the tune forward on pressurized momentum as Gohst’s alluring voice ranges from low sensuality to high timbres ablaze with passion.

Paper Citizen has it going on! “Heart on Fire” thrums with vibrant oomph and the wonderfully evocative voice of Claire Gohst.

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