Serinity Lynn Shines on “U & Me”

U & Me
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Eighteen-year-old Serinity Lynn’s music cannot leave us unmoved. For reasons beyond my understanding, I find her latest song, “U & Me,” simple and raw and fresh, akin to the unprocessed charisma of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry when they first came on the scene, yet with a voice more reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen.

Echoing with passionate naiveté, “U & Me” narrates the stylized thoughts of a teenager bathed in the warm glow and angst of first love.

According to Serinity, “This song is inspired by events and conflicts that I come across in my life. Like all the music that I write, it’s romantic and simple and sweet. It’s interesting and leaves you wanting more.”

From Sacramento, California, Serinity was performing in school shows while in first-grade. By the third grade, she knew she wanted to be a professional singer-songwriter. To that end, at the age of 13, she took up piano and guitar.

To paraphrase The Fixx, “One thing led to another.” Having now performed at more than 200 events, Serinity’s sizeable talent still maintains an edge of sonic purity, a bewitching quality of freshness enhanced by her DIY approach – writing and arranging her songs.

Serinity explains that her homemade methodology zeros in on her objective of becoming “the best I can as an artist and continue to write and develop my own songs and music.”

Punchland’s review of the song states, “So, with ‘U & Me,’ the song shows her semisweet musical chops off. The chorus is engaging, and overall, probably the best part of the song aside from Lynn’s direct, honest lyrics throughout the course of the track.”

I agree with the “raw appeal” observation. Her organic sound is precisely what makes her music so captivating. The instant she takes on a processed, doctored sound, she will touch lips with mediocrity.

Opening on bubbling tones, “U & Me” flows seamlessly into a low-slung indie-pop melody riding a subtle potent rhythm. Serinity’s pristine voice infuses the lyrics with tantalizing wisps of quixotic yearning. On the bridge, the harmonics assume a radiant wash, leading to the infectious chorus.

“You and me / You and me / You and me / We could be / We could be / We could be together.”

Unsullied by digital manipulation and sonic puffery, “U & Me” displays the appeal of unpretentious pop music and crystalline vocals.

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