Sharktank Releases Delicious “Never Ever Ever”

Photo: Hanna Fasching
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Vienna-based alternative-indie band Sharktank recently released their new single, “Never Ever Ever,” an appetizer for their forthcoming album, Acting Funny, slated for release on March 23, 2023.

The band explains, “‘Never Ever Ever’ is about standing up for yourself and not letting anybody tell you how to act, what to think, and especially how to feel. Even if it’s a person you’re really close to, you shouldn’t let them dictate those aspects of you. It’s good to have your own thoughts and let yourself feel certain feelings and express or speak what’s on your mind.”

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Katrin Paucz, Sharktank’s sound blends feel-good beats, twangy basslines, and melodic vocals into delicious indie music.

The band broke through in 2020, with the release of their single “Washed Up,” which has collected more than eight million streams on Spotify. Sharktank followed by dropping their debut album, Get It Done, which received vast airplay in Germany, France, and Poland. They performed at Reeperbahn Festival and Eurosonic.

“Never Ever Ever” opens on a mid-tempo rhythm made up of a fat bassline and rumbling percussion. There’s a deep, resonant roll to the cadence, giving the tune a captivating motion. Paucz’s delicious voice imbues the lyrics with warm textures. It’s one of those bright, mellifluous voices full of nuanced tones and latent luminous inflections.

After a creamy, rolling segment a filtered rapping voice enters, adding a tasty hip-hop flow to the song, followed by Paucz’s crème de la crème voice taking over, infusing the lyrics with luscious scatting-like tones.

“You can shut me down / But I would never ever, ever, ever shoot right back / You can troll myself / But the way you make it feel, it got me losing it / Got me losing it / Got me losing it.”

At once polished and posh, with “Never Ever Ever,” Sharktank displays its amazing creativity, along with the deluxe voice of Katrin Paucz.

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