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Peter Geiger, Creative Designer of the License Plate Guitar Talks Shop

Imagine blending your love of music and your passion for a particular hobby, or perhaps a favorite artist, song, or special occasion, into a piece of incredible art work that makes a statement. Creative artist Peter Geiger does just that — creates metal guitars from license plates. Peter works with his clients to create unique, custom pieces of art that tell your story in such a way that it will become a central piece in your art collection to be loved for generations.

Geiger has turned what started out by accident into a lucrative career creating custom guitar artwork out of license plates. He has been commissioned by a major national restaurant chain, famed country music stars Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw (for Pennzoil), and even won the Taylor Guitars Design Rascal Flatt’s Guitar contest.

His clients have ranged from corporations, to individuals with music, auto, and baseball themes, graduation gifts, retirement gifts, and even as a wedding gift.

We were so impressed by Peter’s unique and creative designs that we just had to learn more about him.

Hotel California License Plate Guitar by Peter Geiger

GGM:  From what I’ve read, you got started in this business by accident. Tell us how you got into creating guitar art out of license plates?   

PG:  I am a guitar player. When my kids were little, my wife Debbe told me to turn down the volume because she was trying to put the kids to sleep. I got frustrated, went out into the garage, and put down my guitar on my workbench. I saw some old tags and was inspired to create a piece of artwork that represented guitar players. I made the first one and hung it in our home. It got an immediate reaction from everyone who walked in. I knew I had created something special.

GGM:  Who are some of your favorite musicians that inspired you to create this type of art?

PG:  I love them all, but if I had to choose I would say Clapton, Hendrix, and Johnny Cash to name a few.

GGM:  What’s your inspiration when you get a customer? Do they come with their own ideas, do you ask them what they want, or do you say “don’t worry, I’ve got it” and surprise them?

PG:  Most of my clients have a theme or a specific request. Then I will conduct an interview and ask various questions about their project. Then we will create a prioritized list of all the information to be incorporated into the piece. This will ensure the final piece speaks their message.

GGM:  You created the Sheryl Crow If It Makes You Happy guitar. Was that commissioned for a client or just one of your inspirations?

PG:  This was one of many I created for the Red Robin Restaurant food chain as part of their remodeling process. My work is featured in most of their restaurants across the country.

GGM:  What’s one of the most high profile clients you’ve had?

PG:  Right now I am working with Tara Low from Guitar Girl Mag.☺ I have worked with many famous people. But it’s not the “famous” people; it’s their stories. I have had clients really open up with some amazing stuff that they want worked into their pieces. But if you want one big star name, let’s use Brad Paisley. He has great people around him that are a pleasure to work with.  I was also commissioned to create one for Tim McGraw.

GGM:  What’s one of the most challenging pieces of guitar art you’ve created?

PG:  They are all challenging and I think that’s the part I love. It’s what drives me and keeps the artwork fresh.

GGM:  It must be a very tedious process.  Are they made to scale? And, how long does it take you from concept to completion?

PG:  Yes it’s a process, but when you do something you love for a living and are able to support your family, it is never “tedious.” They are made to scale and, absolutely, that’s what gets people. They think it’s a real instrument until they look closely. Then they are blown away. How long does it take? Some take four days and some take two weeks. It depends on the level of detail and the tags needed.

GGM:  How in the heck do you keep all those license plates organized?

PG:  In boxes sorted by color or states.

GGM:  Besides guitars, what other forms of art have you created?

PG:  Many. I have done acrylic paintings of sports figures and home portraits. My other 3D license plate art is “automotive related.” You can see examples on my website here. I have designed a wrap for a boat. I am always looking at new things. I think as an artist, I look at things differently. My mind is always working!

To see more of Peter’s creative work and commission him for a metal guitar of your own, check out his site HERE.

Photo credits:  Peter Geiger



Tara Low



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