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Interview with Juliette Jules on Music, Lyrics and Dream Performances

Juliette Jules is an extremely talented singer/songwriter from Paris, France. She also plays guitar, piano and synths. She can speak to a young audience and also brings back the classic sound of past generations. Juliette has recently released her debut EP ‘Black Crow’ to coincide with her 16th birthday. Here is her interview for Guitar Girl Magazine:

GGM:  How old were you when you first picked up a guitar and realized your  talent?

Jules:  First time I played some chords and sang with the guitar I was like thirteen years old, I was on a music camp with other teenagers and friends before that I played bass guitar in a punk band with some friends.

GGM:  On ‘The Black Crow’ EP, you cover the song ‘Hallelujah.’  Is there a  particular personal meaning of this song for you?

Jules:  Yes, of course, it’s a very important song for me for two  reasons.  This was the song I was performing in the park when my  producer/manager Peter Karroll came to meet me. This song is for me the start of a great adventure. Leonard Cohen is undeniably an incredible lyricist and songwriter. He was friends with and inspired by Irving Layton who is a legendary Canadian poet. I feel close to these times and these amazing and creative, talented people when I sing this song.

GGM:  Can you tell me a bit more about the fascinating song, ‘Johnny Was’?

Jules: You know sometimes, bad things happen to good people and in my experience life isn’t too easy. I have experienced personal tragedy and it was devastating. For this story, I took inspiration from this experience. I feel that a single tragic experience may be so difficult for a person and as a result you just can’t go home again. Johnny Was is the story of such a man. We should never judge him, his feelings and fear, and in the face of terrible experiences many people will do  anything to escape from the pain.

GGM:  What are you favorite types of music?

Jules: Actually I love so many types of music: Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Folk, Electro, Funk, Rock, Punk, Dubstep… I cannot choose!

GGM:  Why did you make the intelligent move to use honest expression in your lyrics rather than to take the well-worn Idol/pop path?

Jules:  I didn’t choose this way because of what people could think about me or my style. I started writing only for myself, it was a  personal way to express what goes on in my head. I want to express it in the way it makes sense to me rather than taking the obvious path in telling the story. I prefer to use images to express an idea because sometimes, the exact words cannot illustrate a unique feeling. It’s all about creating the atmosphere of the thought or feeling. This is often something which interests or even disturbs me, with symbolism and poetry. For me it’s the honest and only way to build a world.

GGM:  Are they any musicians that inspire you currently?

Jules:  Folk musicians inspire me a lot, like Angus & Julia Stone, but also other artists like Sixto Rodriguez, Daughter, and WU LYF

GGM:  Is there any particular musicians you would love to perform with?

Jules  I’d love to perform with Sixto Rodriguez !!

GGM:  Where would your dream venue be?

Jules:  My experience is performing on the streets of Paris. My  dream venue is anywhere that people enjoy my songs.

GGM:  Do you still find time to continue your reading and do you find any spare time for any other hobbies and interests?

Jules:  It’s true that it’s more and more difficult to find time to “chill” and read but if I really want to I can find it. During holidays I have time to see exhibitions and theatre plays as well.

GGM:  You have achieved so much for your years already, but have you any more burning ambitions?

Jules:  Of course I have! I want to travel all over the world — Iceland, Australia, Cuba, South Africa. There are too many things to do, to learn, to see, to live yet. I have all of my life in front of me and I have so many things to discover.

GGM:  Can you tell me what is on the cards for you next; can we look forward to a tour?

Jules:  This summer I travelled to Vancouver to work on more songs and record with Peter Karroll. I will be adding one or two French language  songs. We have been shooting footage for the Black Crow song here in Paris and hopefully by the end of July, early August, that will be done as well. As for touring, I have no set tour dates right now but I would love to come and play for everyone who likes my music.

GGM:  Thanks, Juliette!

Jules:  Thank you so much for your support, understanding and interesting questions.

~ Karen Hill

Guest Blogger



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