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Ladies of the Canyon: SoCal Musicians of Americana Music

Meet the artists behind Ladies of the Canyon: A SoCal Americana Special

In our Spring 2020 edition, Nikki O’Neill authored an article, “Ladies of the Canyon: The Movers & Shakers of SoCal’s Vibrant Americana Scene,” where she introduces our readers to the Americana scenes of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

“What’s noteworthy is the significant number of women spearheading this community
of creative talent: artists; band leaders who double as organizers of showcases;
publicists; talent bookers; filmmakers and poster artists, all dedicating their time and money to lighting the spark, setting things in motion, and spreading awareness.”

Ladies of the Canyon:
The Movers & Shakers of SoCal’s Vibrant Americana Scene

On Sunday, April 19, 2020, we live-streamed on our Facebook Page the “Ladies of the Canyon: A SoCal Americana Special” featuring performances by Nikki O’Neill, KP Hawthorn, Ann-Marita Garsed, Amilia K Spicer, Pi Jacobs, Molly Hanmer, Deb Morrison, Emily Zuzik, Francesca Brown, Tawny Ellis, Manda Mosher, Annette Conlon, Heather Lomax, and Aubrey Richmond, so please check it out.

Donations for the event benefited the charitable organization Masks For Docs at,and we are proud to announce that Masks For Docs received $3483 in donations on the day of our fundraiser! We are thrilled to have been able to contribute to their efforts to get masks into the hands of healthcare workers.

We would like to introduce you to these artists so you learn a little more about their music, definition of tone, guitar gear, practice techniques, and advice for aspiring musicians from our Tone Talk Interview Column.

Nikki O’Neill – Photo by Deb Morrison-Littell/Shots by Morrison

Nikki O’Neill

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Ann-Marita Garsed – Photo by Bente Bjoerdal

Ann-Marita Garsed

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Pi Jacobs – Photo by Sean Rosenthal

Pi Jacobs

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Molly Hanmer – Photo by Dave Clancy

Molly Hanmer

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Deb Morrison – Photo by Joel Domantay

Deb Morrison

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Emily Zuzik – Photo by Shots by Morrison

Emily Zuzik

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Francesca Brown – Photo by Erik Austin Savoy

Francesca Brown

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Tawny Ellis – Photo provided by artist

Tawny Ellis

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Manda Mosher – Photo by Shots by Morrison

Manda Mosher

Tone Talk with Manda Mosher
Manda Mosher on California Country




Annette Conlon – Bedell Guitars – Photo provided by artist

Annette Conlon

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Heather Anne Lomax – Photo provided by artist

Heather Anne Lomax

Tone Talk with Heather Anne Lomax
Heather Anne Lomax: Making Music that Stands the Test of Time





Photo by Stasi Photography

Aubrey Richmond

Tone Talk with Aubrey Richmond

GGM Staff



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