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Take Five with Abigail Neilson

I’m a Seattle based Country/Pop artist! My musical influences are Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Jade Bird, Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift.

Tell us about your new single and music video for “Space.”

“Space” is about empowering women with being able to say “no” when it comes to love and relationships. In the song, it starts out with me apologizing for not being interested and annoyed by how bad this guy wants to talk to me and be with me. As the song goes on, there’s a shift where I realize that the other person is the one who should be at fault. I think it’s too often where girls are called out as rude or mean because they’re not interested in someone or a relationship. I think girls shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone no without the fear of what they will do to them. In the music video, I’m hanging out with 2 friends (Alexis Fahlman and Sierra Renee’ Christensen) and there is a boy (Hunter Johnson) who comes to the door bringing flowers, pretending to be a mailman, and crying on my doorstep. My friends and I are just trying to have a good time, but this guy just won’t leave me alone. I think a lot of women can really relate to this song.

Is the song based on a real-life experience?

Yes, it is! It was based on an experience with a guy who called me hundreds of times and left me thousands (yes, thousands) of text messages on my phone begging for me to be with them, as if that is appealing. When I started writing this song, I wanted to put those specific things in the lyrics because I for sure am not the only girl out there with this issue. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that I don’t need to give someone an excuse on why I don’t want to go out with them, and I shouldn’t feel bad about not wanting to go out with them. I hope this song gives girls more confidence to stand their ground and feel completely unbothered by telling a guy she is not interested in them.

Based in Seattle, the song was produced, and instrumental tracking done in Nashville. How did you make the connections with the Nashville team?

 I am based in Seattle. The song was produced on Music Row in Nashville by Robbie Artress. He reached out over Instagram about a year ago when I posted an acoustic version of my song “Without You” and wanted to record it! He produced the studio version of “Without You”, “Space”, and more unreleased music that is soon to come out! He knew of the amazing players Gideon Klein, Gabe Klein, and Ellen Angelico and suggested they play on the record. Recording in Nashville felt like a dream and was the best experience I could ever ask for. Working with such talented people really inspired me and led me to write even more music.

Do you spend a lot of time between Nashville and Seattle?

My first time in Nashville was actually last year in April when I went to record “Without You”. Since then, I’ve been there 2 more times to record and play shows! I would love to live there someday, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to leave my Seattle roots just yet. Nashville is such a magical place for songwriters and artists and my time spent there is always filled with memories I will truly remember forever.

I see you have more music planned for 2020. What can fans expect?

I’m hoping to release 1-2 more singles this year as well as an E.P. The next single is planned to release this spring, and the E.P is planned for a summer release! All of these upcoming songs between the singles and the EP are a lot more personal than what I’ve released before. I think it will really give people another look into my personal life. I share a lot through social media, but there is even more that I haven’t shared because I’ve poured it all into these songs. I’ve never been so proud of a project and I’m extremely excited to finally hand these songs off into people’s hands.

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