The Women of the 2019 drama ‘The Mountain Minor’

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For scenes from the movie, check out these YouTube clips:–N4I

The Mountain Minor Motion Picture Soundtrack is available through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and most other digital outlets, and can also be ordered through The Mountain Minor film is available on Blue-ray, DVD, Amazon, and Vimeo on Demand.

The Mountain Minor Motion Picture Soundtrack

Tracks (total running time 75:19)

Tecumseh on the Battlefield
Hickory Jack and Main Title
Young Emily (Edmund in the Lowland Low)
Fiddler A Dram
Krazy Kat
Hawks and Eagles
Old Jimmy Sutton (Porch)
Old Jimmy Sutton (Square Dance)
Sugar Baby
Short Time Here, Long Time Gone
Darlin’ Corey (Porch)
Darlin’ Corey (Living Room)
Glory in the Meeting House
Sally in the Turnip Patch
Little Birdie, Part I
Haints and Ogles
Kingdom Come, Part 1
Pay Them No Mind
Old Regular Melody
Shakin’ Down the Acorns
I’m Going To A City (Where The Roses Never Fade)
Ever Been to Ohio?
Cripple Creek
Ways of the World
Little Birdie, Part II
Rye Straw
Brushy Fork of John’s Creek
Paddy on the Turnpike
The Day is Past and Gone
Kingdom Come, Part II
Hickory Jack
Across The Ohio
Comin’ From the Ball (Don’t Get Weary Children)
Hickory Jack (Bonus Track)
Lily of the Valley (Bonus Track)
Little Billy Wilson (Bonus Track)
Inch Along (Bonus Track)
The Cherry Tree Carol (Bonus Track)

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