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Kalie Shorr’s new album ‘Open Book: Unabridged’ demonstrates her unique talents

Open Book: Unabridged by versatile country-pop artist Kalie Shorr demonstrates the singer and songwriter’s ability to rise to the top of the charts with her unique talents. From our review of the album, it’s clear this powerful music showcases Shorr’s undeniable ability as a storyteller and musician to appeal to new fans looking for a different side of country-rock.

Shorr tells us, “I’m always thinking three steps ahead, and my album was no exception. From the moment I finished recording Open Book, I knew I wanted to release a deluxe version. Open Book: Unabridged has bonus tracks that are both from the cutting room floor of the original, as well as songs I’ve written in the year between the two. It is a dream to get to elaborate on the stories I’ve shared and tell entirely new ones as well.”

This follow up to Shorr’s debut album continues her journey as an artist with tales of struggles and triumphs through beautiful melodies and a voice unlike any other. From the first edgy track, “My Voice,” the alternative singer starts the album in the right way with dreamy vocals and relatable lyrics. Other noteworthy songs include the pop anthem “Alice In Wonderland” and moving ballad “The World Keeps Spinning” to describe Shorr’s original approach to music with emotion and power behind every beat.

Open Book: Unabridged and the artist herself have been described by media outlets as “emo twang” and “the new queen of country.” Listeners of artists ranging from Taylor Swift to Paramore will appreciate the diverse appeal of Kalie Shorr with an album that deserves to be played on repeat.

Another quality aspect of this follow up record is the clean production and talented band to compliment the singer’s melodies. Classic country instrumentals combine with modern musical styles for a truly unique sound. Open Book: Unabridged delivers catchy tunes from start to finish while bringing the listener on a musical rollercoaster of highs and lows to relate to and interpret as their own wherever they are in life.

There’s a reason why Kalie Shorr has been recognized as a new voice of pop-country. This colorful album defines the mainstream sound of radio rock while also being an enjoyable record for those with diverse tastes. Shorr defines rock and roll as a breath of fresh air in the music world.

– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

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