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Jillian Riscoe on “Breaking Point”: Who, What, Where, When, Why

Who:  Hi! My name is Jillian Riscoe, and I’m a pop/rock singer-songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. I play many acoustic gigs around the area (looking to expand again in the US this coming year) as well as being the vocalist in a cover band called the Wannabes.

What:  My new single, “Breaking Point.” 

Where:  Anywhere you can find music online! I personally love Spotify so here’s the link to my single on there:

When:  November 13, 2019

Why:  “Now I’m back, I’m here, I’m out from under, far from over, I’ll come back stronger…” “Breaking Point” is really about finding yourself after being lost for a long time. I had pretty bad writer’s block and had just ended a long term relationship and band, and one of my best friends asked to do an online songwriting challenge together to see if that would help at all…and it did! I wrote several songs and several song ideas, “Breaking Point” being one of them. I hope the song encourages others to break out of a negative situation or relationship and move forward.

facebook: jillianriscoemusic
instagram: jillianriscoe

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