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I’m Viana. I’ve been a singer in bands for over a decade now and I’m now starting a new chapter in my music with my solo career. My single “Wine & Roses” is coming out Friday, June 7th, and I’m feeling real pumped about this one. I’m creating exactly what I want to, and I want to remind everyone to do the same. Find your vibe and run with it!

What: I’m releasing my first solo single “ Wine & Roses” a song about living with your past but learning to let yourself grow because of it.


Where: You can find Wine & Roses on pretty much any streaming platform! Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube, you name it!

When: Wine & Roses comes out June 7th.

Why: Every song that I write possesses a bit of a different vibe. That’s something that I really love about producing singles instead of working on a full album at the moment. If I’m feeling a certain way, then I run with it, and write a song that fits my mood, and then a video that encapsulates that same mood. I’m creating with no boundaries or guidelines and it makes every project a new adventure.

Wine & Roses is a song about losing yourself in what used to be. We get hung up on our past, and often times we let it put a negative hold on our future. As we live more and more, we learn more and more, and it shapes us into the person we are meant to be. Even the adverse times in our lives make us who we are in the long run. The song ends with saying “Keep the magic close, if it’s all you know. The wine will always flow.” Meaning keep your passions close to your heart and keep moving, and you’ll get where you need to be. All of the lessons you learn along the way will bring you there. The chorus proclaims, “ I’m stuck with visions of you” meaning that what happened in our past becomes a part of us…we don’t ever forget, but we can move onto better times while carrying the lessons we’ve learned.

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