10 Big Fashion Trends for Kids This Summer


It’s that time of year again when you’ll need to refresh summer wardrobes for yourself and your children. Kids, in particular, tend to grow quickly, so most parents find themselves buying new clothes in bigger sizes every summer. And, the intel on what you’ll be seeing in fashion stores and online is finally here.

Fashion for kids this summer is fresh, colorful, and sporty with plenty of emphasis on eco-friendly materials and gender-inclusive designs. Happy prints, combined with strong printed messages are going to be right on trend for children this summer, and it’s one that all parents can get behind – creating optimistic, happy, and encouraging vibes for our little ones. So, what are the biggest kids’ fashion trends that we can expect to see this summer? Let’s find out:

#1. Plenty of Color:
Brands are certainly going more colorful when it comes to kids’ clothes, so expect plenty of cheery shades to choose from. And, they’re increasingly moving away from darker colors to brighter, happier shades such as primary red and blue, bright yellows and oranges, and multi-colored items that kids will love wearing. And pre-washed and pastel colors are also set to be hugely popular. Pink tones are going to be a massive trend for childrenswear this summer for both boys and girls, moving away from the focus on black and white.


#2. Organic Fabrics:
The organic fabric trend is certainly growing, which is wonderful news for parents who want their children to wear high-quality, eco-friendly fashion items. When it comes to fabrics, expect to see much more terry, linen, and natural cotton, which are not only durable and long-lasting, but also healthy for kids’ skin to wear all day long. Today, it’s easier than ever to choose to only buy organic clothing for your little ones, whilst still providing them with a fashionable and stylish wardrobe.

#3. Ruffles and Fringes:
You’ve probably noticed ruffles and fringes trending in the womenswear department this past winter, and the trend has found its way into childrenswear for this summer, too. Particularly when it comes to clothing for little girls, you can expect to find t-shirts with ruffled edge sleeves, fringed edge cardigans, and more. Gucci, in particular, is adding cute ruffles to clothing for both boys and girls, with ruffles on polo shirts, dresses, and more. Shop Gucci here to see more of the most popular trends for this summer.

#4. Embroidery:
Embroidery is set to be a big trend in kidswear this summer, whether it’s embroidered patterns on t-shirts, denim jackets, or accessories. Embroidery is a lovely way to adorn clothing, and you’ll find plenty of gorgeous, cute, and fun patterns coming your way this summer. Whether it’s classic floral patterns or your child’s favorite cartoon characters, there’ll be something to suit everybody.

#5. Prints:
Prints are always a big trend for children’s clothing, and this year is looking to be no different when it comes to printed patterns, messages, pictures and more. Expect plenty of printed smiley faces, happy and inspirational messages, and colorful rainbows.

#6. Sporty:
The athleisure trend is huge right now, and it’s finding its way over into the children’s department too. Sporty clothing is going to be a huge focus in kid’s fashion for this summer, which is great for parents as many of these items provide comfortable, practical yet stylish outfits for little ones to wear day to day. You’ll be able to find plenty of fashionable yet comfortable looks for your child, with elasticated finishes and light wear fabrics being two of the most popular adaptations from the sportswear sector.

#7. Bohemian:
Boho style has come back around again, providing cute, whimsical outfits for children to wear this summer. Expect ditsy floral prints, faded and pastel colors, and broderie patterns to create a cute, girly look for your little one. Lace is also going to be a huge choice for occasion outfits, with overlapping lace tops and dresses a big look for this trend. Flowery, vintage touches are also going to be popular, using a combination of floral patterns, embroidery, and ribbons to make any little girl look like a princess.

#8. Florals:
As mentioned earlier, boho chic and embroidery are expected to be big trends in childrenswear this summer, so expect floral prints to be a big factor in all the clothing stores. Floral is a great choice for summer and can suit both boys and girls alike. Expect whimsical, cute floral prints, alongside bolder, brighter colors as well, paired with cute quotes and messages. For boys, the floral trend looks great when paired with darker colors, wild animal prints, and motivational quotes.

#9. Printed Sneakers:
Sneakers are rising in popularity for both adults and kids, so expect to see plenty of fun, printed options available for your little ones this summer. And, they make the perfect footwear for summer, being breathable, durable, and supportive for little feet whilst playing and having fun. Floral printed trainers are sure to be a big hit with little girls, but the patterns don’t just stop there – you’ll find sneakers adorned with checks, stripes, and even popular cartoon characters.

#10. Gender Neutral:
Last but not least, gender-neutral fashion is on the rise, with more and more modern parents choosing to allow their children to express themselves as individuals, rather than being restricted to specific gendered clothing sections. Gender-neutral clothing is on the rise and it’s perfectly suitable for both boys and girls, giving your child a wider range of choice when it comes to what they want to wear this summer. From fun, graphic t-shirts to unisex sneakers and accessories that everybody can enjoy, you’re going to see more exciting gender-neutral clothing for kids in stores and online this summer.

Summer’s almost here, and it’s time to update your wardrobes. Which are your favorite fashion trends for little ones this summer? Whether you love the idea of gender-neutral outfits or adore the cute, positive graphic tees and sweaters, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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